Where Is Your Vision? Week of 1/16/17

I took some time this weekend to update my vision board.  Instead of including longer term goals, I decided to include my goals for this year.

Welcome 2017! Week of 1/2/17

"Adios 2016!"  I'm so glad to say those words!  Whew...  What.  A.  Year!  Never have I been so happy to turn the page on the calendar than I have on this past year. 

Pink Starburst_Schedule for Week of December 12, 2016

Today I walked into a technology store to attempt to arm my ten-year old with some 2005 technology.  Yes, we are those parents.  Even though my husband is in the IT field, our children have never been armed with the latest and greatest technology.  My son will most likely be one of the last in his class to receive a cell phone, and you know what?  I am just fine with that.  Especially after today's events.

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