Journey #2

I have lost 22 pounds since I was released from my last surgery, June 7th. I haven't been able to loose any more weight since then. I went to a workout class right after I was released from my doctor and I fainted. It was humiliating. The "The Tabata Queen" can't even complete a 50 minute class. I'm embarrassed that my past clients have seen me in my state. They have seen my previous before and after picture, but now I feel like a failure. Like I let them down. I would rather sit in my room with my shades drown and lights off than see anyone. I see myself waddle in the reflection of a glass and I just want to cry. This is not who I am. I see pictures of myself and I cringe.

Who Am I?

The best way to start my story begins with me breaking down in a plus size women’s store dressing room.  I was trying to squeeze myself into a size 16W and I was nowhere near able to lift it over my derrière.  I was sweating and began to cry.  I had stopped stepping on the... Continue Reading →

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