[in’riCH, en’riCH]


  1. improve or enhance [my] quality or value of:
    • Workouts
    • Health
    • Fitness Experience
    • Friendship
    • Family
    • Confidence
    • LIFE

You may have seen my post, or heard “through the grapevine” that I am no longer training or teaching group ex classes with my former employers.  I am now exclusively working with NRich Fitness in McKinney, Texas.  The question I am being asked most often is “Why?”  I hope this blog will help shine some light on that!

unnamedNo, it’s not the cute guys!  You all know how madly in love I am with my husband.  LOL.  However, see that dude in the back!  I’ve known him for a good portion of my fitness career and totally respect him.  These guys (and others not pictured) are part of my fitness family.  You all know how important family is to me…  That includes my fitness family!  I respect what they are doing in this facility and I am excited that they have asked me to be a part of it!  We have some top-notch trainers here and passion is oozing out the doors.  You cannot beat that!

We have a variety of classes – that are led by PERSONAL TRAINERS!  You do not have to worry if your instructor is properly educated on proper techniques, muscle functions, body alignment, etc.  Plus, we limit our class sizes so that we can provide proper attention to our attendees.  You safety is our key!

Everyone knows that a way to a fit life is diet and exercise.  NRich Fitness also knows this!  That is why we have a registered and licensed dietician and nutritionist to help our clients with their healthy eating.  She is available to create meal plans and guide our members with their healthy eating goals.  After a tough workout, we will also have healthy shakes available (in September).  These are not going to be those sugar loaded shakes, quality ingredients, because our members ony deserve the best!

NO CONTRACTS!!!  There’s no fine print and no contracts.  We are not trying to take your money.  We are trying to get you healthy!

Come see us so we can tell you more, like the MYZONE system, the affordable rates and the FREE 7 DAY PASS that includes a PERSONAL TRAINING SESSION!

I’ll see you soon and as always, remember, “It’s You vs. You!”

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