Mentos… Or Mentors

Friends will always be one of my favorite television shows.  Like most people I know, you can begin part of a scene and I can start quoting the rest of the scene.  Whenever I think hear the word “mentor” or see Mentos in the store, “The One Where Joey Gets Interviewed” comes to mind.  I just giggle inside myself…  Because doing so out loud would make me look crazy.  Then, I automatically begin to think of the individuals that have helped shaped me into the person I am today.

During my career I have been grateful to have, and still have, a number of mentors shape me into the person I am today.  Whether they have been in the corporate part of my life or fitness portion.  They have all rounded me out into a person I feel that I can be proud of.  I believe that it is well past time for me to share a great big thank you to these women for shaping me over this past decade,  plus.  Now as I write this, I know I will not do these ladies the justice that they deserve, but allow me to introduce you to my Mentor Tree.

Mentor tree

The first three mentors I met during my first professional career.  This was right after I became a single mom and I needed to support myself and Hunter – QUICK!  I did research on staffing organizations and found one that I felt was reputable.  I was lucky enough to meet with JANICE CARROLL.   She made the process painless and kept me quite busy the next two days.  I believe on day three I had two offers from the two interviews I had the day prior.  One was an entry-level position with the recruiting company she represented.  She believed that I would not stay in the position for long before I moved up in the ranks.  She only spoke great things about the company.  Mrs. Janice taught me to always deliver on my promises to my customers/clients, without sacrificing my integrity.  If Janice was representing you, you knew that you were in good hands.  She was always a class act in the office and in her personal life.  I was always thankful to Janice for seeing that special “something” in me so long ago.

HEATHER HOOPER is another individual from this organization that I learned such a great deal.  You were first introduced to “Hoop” during my affirmations entry in October.  Heather taught me so much regarding business, networking and professionalism.    As a business woman, this is a gal whose brain you want to pick.  Not only do I use the affirmations, but there are other networking tips that I still use to this day.

The majority of my time here was spent under the supervision of RHONDA MCKINNEY.  I will not be able to adequately describe all of the ways I was inspired by Rhonda.  Not only did she teach me about how to build better relationships between clients and applicants; she showed me what loyalty looked like.  She taught me how to see the good in people and give individuals the benefit of the doubt.  Rhonda was also very important as a spiritual mentor at a time that I needed it most.  Rhonda also began my curiosities about nutrition and we were able to speak about both categories freely.  I’m not sure if she intended to take me under her wing, but she was definitely a mama bird while I was there.  When I left this organization, I knew that I could not work for a company that was competitive with this group.  With all that Rhonda, Janice and Heather taught me; loyalty was the consistent theme.  When I did leave, I transitioned within the industry but with a firm that didn’t compete with my old company.


We all know what happens…  After some time I decided to leave the corporate world and pursue my passion for fitness full-time.  Eventually, I was able to secure a position with a gym that I referred to as my second home.  There my supervisor was KIM FUNK.  With Kim, it has always been about the students, the members, making a better experience for them and guests alike.  What can I do to make a better experience while I am with them?  Kim was constantly giving me challenges and I believe that I was able to conquer them.  She believes in her team and stands up for them.  I have deemed her my “career Buddha”.   Up until my last career decision, every decision I faced from the time that I began working for Kim, I was able to discuss with her.  Ironically, she never advised me with what was in HER best interests, but what would be best for me and my vision, my dreams.

In March of 2015, I became a certified P90X Live instructor.  BeachBody has a number of qualified Master Trainers.  I hit it off with MIA KOSTIC last year.  She knows what it is like being a wife, mother (our youngest kids are very close in age), trainer and following your dreams.  I can discuss the ups and downs of class trends with her and marketing strategies.  She helps me with balance.  Plus, if I am just having a bad day, I know that I can call her.  She is just one heck of a good person!

Lastly, we have ALBA HATCHER.  Although I have only known Alba for a year, next week, you cannot deny Alba’s passion for what she does.  She is highly educated in her field.  Alba is a certified personal trainer, Orthokinetics Specialist, a Biomechanics Specialist and a Licensed Bodywork Therapist in the state of Texas.  Staying on top of her education is her business.  I’m constantly using her as a resource.  She is more than happy to be that mentor as we are in the process of our education so that we can be better for our clients.  After working with Alba, there is no lack of understanding for the importance of education.  Her excitement for what she does is contagious and undeniable.  To spend five minutes speaking with her, you can understand her passion.   I’ve been able to set my vision so they are in line to meet with my goals and deadlines.

Now what about you?  Do you have any individuals that inspire you and have moved you to better yourself?  Take the time to give them a quick note of thanks.  You never know when they need to hear it!

Keep in touch this week.  I am working on something special!  Remember, it’s you vs. you!

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