To The Tribe….

It’s been a month since I’ve seen my wonderful tribe.  There is no schedule attached, no subs to mention.  Today, you will simply find a profound and heavy-hearted apology.  After five weeks of missing my Tabata Tribe, my “peeps”, my faithful followers that would show up whether I was able to perform 100% or give 10%; I have to say goodbye to my group classes.  I am so sorry for those that I said, “I’ll see you soon” or any other form of that.

First Tabata Class, West Plano

I was so ready to come back after four short weeks of physical therapy.  Absolutely nothing was going to keep me away from my TFF FAMILY.  Unfortunately, life has other ideas.  Between two falls on my knees and a dog using my knee as a trampoline (twice), rehabilitation is taking a little longer than expected.

My husband and I prayed and talked and prayed and talked and prayed so much more about what was in the best interest in of my body and my students.  My husband was more telling me what I needed to do for myself, I was telling him what I needed to do for the people I have cared for so long.  One day, it was clear.  I needed to allow you all someone to come in that is able to give 100% of themselves.  In the meantime, I need to get back to 100%….  I’ll even take 90%.  You have no idea how hard this was for me.  There have been so many tears.

Tabata in Allen

Some people may believe that I have chosen to “quit” in fear and as the “easy” way out.  Let me make one thing clear:

If this was easy, I wouldn’t be so torn up about this decision.  The only fear that I have is the anger that I will disappoint some of you.  The need to take care of ourselves is so great and often ignored.  How can I ask you to care for yourself if I do not heed that advice myself?

Please keep in mind I HAD EVERY INTENTION OF RETURNING when I left on March 29th.   I knew deep in my mind that I would maybe drop one or two classes to keep from causing this to happen again or to my other knee.  I never imagined NOT teaching.  The joy that I have seeing improvements in strength, endurance and CONFIDENCE is what has driven me these past few years.  I will miss seeing you all every week, sometimes multiple times a week.

Tabata Birthday Bash

I look forward to hearing from everyone and hear about their fitness accomplishments.  Or even just to chat.  I was happy to get an invite last week just to go for a walk from a student.  You all mean more to me than just “people I taught for fifty-five minutes a day.”  I hope that you could feel that during our time together.

I will still be posting and keeping you abreast of what is going on in my life.  I will share workout tips and lifestyle advice.  Please know that you can reach out to me!

Always remember…  It’s You vs. You!




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