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We all have heard about the “Death Dog” that has been intent on keeping me down…  LITERALLY, during rehab.  She’s about thirty pounds of fur and energy.   It’s so much fun trying to dodge her when your under strict orders not to twist or make and sudden movements.  Can you feel the sarcasm oozing off the page?

Yesterday I was in PT for two solid hours, working on me.  I thought that I would tell everyone what I have been up to during my absence.

I have really enjoyed the team at Peak Physical Therapy.  They are different from my other PT experiences.  They take the time to spend with you and make sure that your form is correct and positioning is all in line.  It is all about TEAM.  Each person is there to help everyone out.  There is no, “that’s not my patient, not my problem” syndrome there.  Just yesterday I was doing an exercise more for my glutes and not necessarily to rehabilitate my knee; a PT assistant came over, that was not working with me that day, to correct my form.  FULL DISCLOSURE:  After my PTA left, I changed position to get the BURN in my glute.  Don’t worry!  I disclosed this with the person that corrected me.

blog 3
Trying to get myself “lined” up!

Unfortunately, my experience makes me butt heads with some of the staff some days, ALL IN FUN!  There are many days that I ask “WHY?”  If something doesn’t feel correct, or I am asked to do something that goes against what I have been taught or know to be true, I ask WHY?  Sometimes it might be that the instructions were not communicated clearly, other times there could be scientific reason for it.  Once, we compromised.  Another time, that exercise was removed from my plan.  The point is…  Don’t be afraid to ask the reason a certain exercise is being performed.  IT IS YOUR BODY!


Do you remember those machines that claimed to “SHAKE YOUR ABS TIGHT”?  You put a belt around your waist while it shakes and vibrates, ring a bell?   This ———>>>>>  machine reminds me of that.  The POWER PLATE vibrates while I perform various exercises.  The first two  give me a great stretch in the back of the legs.  The next two, I’m doing various squats.  Those burn and have me screaming (in my head), but feel so good.

This area is where I do stability ball exercises.  You all remember how much I LOVE the stability ball!!!  Welcome a humbling experience.  The stability ball in/outs that I love so much…  The pain was so CHALLENGING, just to complete one!  Yesterday, I was able to get through my second set of 10, before I had to rest at 5.  PROGRESS!

blog 4

Speaking of progress, being able to graduate to the weight machine was a great day for me.  Of course we had to start under fifty pounds.  Yawn!  I was promised that we could go up the following week.  They meant up twenty pounds.  This is where my stubbornness came into play.  We agreed to add an additional 110 pounds.

Yesterday, we were just shy of 200 pounds.  I really needed that!  I really love being on that machine, but it makes me miss my people so much.  (Sad face)  When I go back, I want to hit that 200 pounds!  Unfortunately, I only do two sets of each exercise.  I need to keep in mind that this is rehab, not strength training.  “Come on, Syl!”

blog 2However, I do get to use some of the wonderful strength training counting techniques.  This one had us all confused.  It was explained and written backwards, so I had to get into instructor mode.  I’m laying down and it feels so unusual to do this one-legged squat without gravity.

Go up for one count, down for four, hold for three.  To control the one count; without gravity – Aye aye aye!  During my “rest” period I do the other leg, you know, you have to be even.  The problem with this exercise is that I have to count.  If you have attended any of my classes, you know how I am about this.  I use my fingers to keep track of my reps.  HOWEVER…  If someone comes and talks to me, I get all fumbled with my fours and threes.  If you are one of my clients, you know that a poor quality rep is not a rep at all.  That goes for me as well!  So, I do practice what I teach.

These are just some of the fun things that I am doing at PT.  I am awaiting my next graduation ceremony.  The first was when I graduated from the recumbent bike to the spin bike.  Another was when I no longer needed muscle stimulation.  I hope you enjoyed this HIGHLY INSIGHTFUL entry.

Remember, It’s You vs. You!

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