OPTIONS_Week of 4/10/17

First full week of physical therapy has begun.  I am really enjoying my physical therapist, except one little thing.  “We are going to modify this.”

“Ok, so this is the option?”

“No, there is no OPTION.  This is what you are doing.”

After I explained my usage of the word, his reaction was priceless.  “You just had surgery, you are the definition of ‘less than’.”

If anyone cares, he did not make me feel inferior for the rest of the week.  He is on the same page as I am and fully intends to push me for the rest of the month.  He showed me how to get the most out of my at-home exercises, “if you are feeling like you need a challenge.”  When I came back in for my second visit, he asked how I was doing.  He then shook his head for showing me the challenging exercises.  We have a great relationships and are bonding over hard-core exercises.  He has called me “mean” because of some of my “favorite” exercises I give you guys.  Then follows it up with, “that’s why we get along so well.  I say this all to let you know, I’m in good hands!


Hubby had to go back to work on Wednesday, which was very sad.  I annoyingly called him numerous times that day.  By Thursday, he was over it…   I begged him to take me for our daily lunch walk, even though he works in Addison.  It wasn’t happening.   We made up for it this weekend with a wonderful family weekend together.

My husband has been extremely sweet as he “walks me” (his words).  He will not let me walk in the grass (oh this is just getting too comical) as it is too unsteady.  He also, walks me to the corner or at least to a ramp.  Even if it means walking an extra twenty feet, he is escorting me to a ramp, slope or smooth surface instead of letting me step off a curb.  He has always been a chivalrous man, but now he’s chivalrous and obsessive.  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  In the meantime, I’ve started collecting pictures of our various ramp structures.

I hope you are all keeping up with the classes.  I don’t want everyone to be out of breathe when I get back.  That doesn’t mean you can’t keep in touch!  You have some great instructors lined up this week.  NO CLASSES ON EASTER SUNDAY!!!  As always, remember It’s You vs. You!

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