Learn From the Arrow_Week of 4/3/17

We took Caleb to an archery place last year.  He had never shot a bow before.  We have watched the movie Brave.  We quite enjoyed it.  However, when he first shot his bow, couldn’t send his arrow down to meet his target.  My husband was with him to guide him with the tricks and tips of shooting the arrow, as well as the employees of the establishment.  Having his sister and myself there was making him nervous.  That was fine.  We left and had some mother-daughter shopping.

After about an hour, we went back to the boys only to find this bonding time not as magical as I had pictured in my head.  Caleb wanted everyone to be still while he took his shots.  This meant that my husband couldn’t shoot while Caleb did.  Caleb would take his time with each shot, leaving my husband’s patience wearing thin.  While we were there, I spoke with Caleb about his frustrations.  I asked him to show me what he had learned.  Then, we went over some basics.

  • The further you pull back, the farther you will go forward.
  • Keep an eye on your target and don’t get distracted by the outside influences.
  • Hold that arrow still so that it will shoot straight toward your target.
  • Take a deep breath before you let go.

The same is true in real life.  When you are going through difficulties, take an example from the arrow and how to win with the arrow.

  • Look at the harder your difficulties, or that you are being pulled back; that is creating a resistance that is going to propel you forward toward a successful future.
  • Keep your eye on your target through difficult times.  Don’t let yourself get distracted by negativity:  Negative THOUGHTS, people or situations.
  • Stick to that plan of action that will keep you on path.
  • Breathe.  Always breathe.

Let’s learn from the arrow and the science from the arrow.  When things do not go our way, find a way to find the positive.

April SubsI hope that you are still attending classes while I am out.  Schedule is still the same, EXCEPT  for Wednesday morning.  We have a format change.  Please take a gander at the posted schedule.   Here are our subs, for your review.  Make sure that you stop by so that you can check out their style.  I know that they would love to have you…  Plus, you never know…  I might be stalking the classes and taking attendance.  Also, we have another challenge this month.  Let’s just call it the “Amazing You April Challenge”.  There are multiple facets to this challenge.  Pick one, pick both.  You decide!

As always, it’s You vs. You!


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