Amazing You and Accountable Arms April Challenge

Well…  That’s a mouthful, isn’t it?  There is a two-fold part to April’s challenge…  Maybe a three-fold?  However many times we fold it up, it’s not our run of the mill challenge that we have been doing each month.  You have the option of doing both parts of the Challenge or just doing one.  What is it about?  OPTIONS!


Yes, there is always a WHY.  I wish that I could say that I am a Master at eating; however, I am not.  I am an emotional eater.  The emotions that trigger my eating are mostly sadness and disappointment.  When the pain in my knee became more severe, old habits crept back up.  Forty-five days ago I picked up something that I hadn’t had in two years…  A diet coke (insert gasp)!  From there, came cravings of sweet stuff.  Daily cravings.  If I indulged, I felt disgusting.  The sugar crashes, the sugar headaches, everything that goes with it.  Just blah!

Avoid Junk FoodSo, it is time to reset.   AVOID THE JUNK!  What does that mean to you?  Do you need to go full in?  Or do you need to take it one step at a time?  The idea is to avoid any artificial, added sugars.  GET YOUR SUGAR THE NATURAL WAY!  Fruit, not fruit juice concentrate.  There is a big difference.  No added sugar and DEFINITELY STAY AWAY FROM ASPARTAME, which is found in Sweet-N-Low and diet sodas.  There are so many items that can be added to this list:  ice cream, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, etc.  MAKE THIS WORK FOR YOU!


While I was deciding whether or not there would be an April workout, I was speaking to one of my wonderful students.  I discussed how I was planning on “working on myself” like I promised one of my doctor’s.  She suggested that we make it an upper body workout so that this time they can hold me accountable.  I loved the idea.

Now you get to pick the options.  Last “official” challenge we worked on increasing endurance.  This time I want you to work on increasing strength.  You will do 2 SETS OF 10-12 REPS of each exercise.  These will be back to back, limited rest.  Then, complete with the third and final set, GO UP IN WEIGHT!  Finish your final set at your max weight, with your max reps.  Cardio days are thrown in and ab days, but abs should be tight ALWAYS, right?  However, please do not include abs everyday.  Allow your abs to relax and rebuild themselves.

Awesome April


WEIGHTS:  3 Sets X 10 – 12 Reps.  Increase the weight on the last set.  For example, day 4: bench press 10lb x 12 reps, skull-crusher 8lb x 12 reps; 15 second rest.  Set 2 Repeat.  Set 3 bench press 15lb x 12 reps, skull-crusher 10 reps.

AB EXERCISES:  Complete until your max effort.  Rest for 30 seconds.  Repeat for a total of three sets.

CARDIO:  Your choice!

THE GOAL:  Strength increase with proper form.


Let’s all join together and hold us each accountable for our actions.  When you are done with your workout, mark “done.”  I will do so as well.  The Junk Food Challenge, or Lack There Of is additional.  If you are having a bad day, let us help you.  If it was a bad day and you succeeded, let us cheer you!  NO NEGATIVITY WILL BE TOLERATED.  That includes comments such as, “I don’t understand why this is such a problem for y’all.”  Only supportive comments.    Winners will be announced based upon the discretion of the panel (instructors within Team Best You).  So, CHECK-IN, COMMENT AND PARTICIPATE!!!!

Always remember…  IT’S YOU VS. YOU!!!!

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