Meet Your Subs! Week of 3/27/17

Wooo!  We had the 80’s music blaring and the good times rolling!  This week will be the last week that I teach before I have my torn meniscus repaired and they clean things up in there.   I am taking a month off from teaching and I expect everyone to be in class when I return!  In the meantime, I have lined up some excellent subs for you in my absence!  I will continue to post schedules and list the instructors that will be in my place so that everyone is kept up to date.

This week’s schedule will stay the same until Thursday.  ROBYN is subbing the 5:30AM class with Tabata in lieu of P90X – FOR THIS WEEK ONLY.  PATRICIA will be your Thursday 5:30PM Turbokick sub.  On Saturday morning ANGEL will tackle double duty with Turbokick and PiYo!  ANNA will finish you off/start off your week with P90X.


BF weekly schedule

While I am “taking it easy,” be on the lookout for challenges and posts from me.  Upper body challenge sounds like a great way to keep us bonded, what do you think?

I want to thank all of my wonderful students that have been so patient these last few months.  Working through this pain has been more CHALLENGING for me and quite shameful.  This is where “It’s You vs. You” has really come into play.  I thank everyone for your understanding.  For my front row ROCKSTARS, you have been lifesavers; to myself and your peers.  Keep coming to class, my friends.  I may not be able to jump, run and put pressure on my knee for a while; however, my doctor didn’t say anything about not coming in and taking attendance.  😉  You have been warned.

Get outside of your box and try a new instructor’s flavor.  Remember, it’s you vs. you!

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