SPRING BREAK 2017_Week 3/6/17

This week Caleb and I had a special “date”.  We went to our neighborhood marketplace for breakfast and babble.  He wanted an eclair.  As I was ordering for him, there seemed to be a disconnect between the person behind the counter and myself.  I would say what I wanted and the young lady would say she didn’t know what I was saying.  This exchange occured a few times.  “Is it my accent?” I thought.  It tends to come out if I am tired or excited.  I was pointing at the item in the display case.  The young lady was unable to see what I was pointing at.  This was going on way to long.  Finally, Caleb politely said, “The thing next to the turnover.”  It was like the light shone down upon the employee, and I shook my head at the simplicity.

As we were checking out, we joked about the situation.  Apparently, this Northern had never heard of the term “eclair.”  Not being from the North, I’m not sure it this is a Southern item.  She told me the item Caleb wanted is known as a Long John.  I am familiar with a desert called Long Horns; which look nothing like this dessert.  Caleb and I sat down and had our breakfast.  He bit into his “eclair” and told me that an eclair it was not!  I took a look and he was so right.  Different cream, less messy.  I HAD to taste it.  NO JUDGMENTS!  

IT WAS SO GOOD!!!!  Even though I don’t like chocolate, this was actually pretty good!  I’ve had a craving for this “Long John” ever since!  So, what’s my point?

showing-upSpring Break is here for most of our  instructors.  A number of instructors will have subs in their place.  Will they be different from the original?  MOST LIKELY!  It would be pretty boring if we all taught the same.  There are two options that we have.  If your regular “eclair” instructor happens to be taking a much needed vacation, don’t do a disservice to yourself and skip your workout.  Give a new instructor a chance.  With a POSITIVE attitude.   You may find out that new something that you start to crave.

That group studio is a stress free zone.  A place to just let it all out….  In your workout, not in drama or negativity.  Let yourself to allow change to occur for one week, one day, one hour.

Let’s have a great week!  Remember, it’s you vs. you!

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