Change Week of 2/20/17

Two weeks ago, I was on cloud nine.  We had forty people in my class on Tuesday night.  Granted, I was saddened that there were not enough weights for everyone to get what they needed.  I was giving up my weights and using students’ weights for demonstration purposes.  However, this night kept me on a high for about a week.  This class was the reason why I got into fitness.  Whether it was a personal connection or a supplemental reason, I’m sure that my husband was SICK of me speaking about THAT class.

If you weren’t there…  I thought I would share it with you!

plano-east-020717We had the under active individuals, athletes, college students and everything in between.  A person that reminded me of myself when I began my journey (80+ pounds ago).  Again, all the weights were gone, but she didn’t walk out and was going through the motions – WITH VIGOR!  We had my semi-regulars that are finally comfortable enough to harass me during class.  What comes with this?  A reassurance that they are family by a battle of “are you giving your max” where I battle them for twenty seconds of the move that we are doing.  I push harder, they push harder.  Do they wish they they hadn’t said anything?  Most times not.  We usually end with laughter and a fist bump or high five.  My regulars making EVERYONE feel welcome!  I love my Tabata tribe…  Which really needs a new name as they come to all of my classes. We also had a father and daughter duo trying us out for a first time; teasing his dancer daughter:  “Dancers are not athletes.”  Unfortunately he did this in the same corner that two of my dancers were standing.  Let’s just say his daughter and my dancers showed him a thing or two during our burpee tucks.  We ended that class with some relay fun.  It was truly a wonderful class.  I have held on to the energy of that class; especially this week.

“Change is the only constant in life”

 – Heraclitus

Without change, without learning; we become stagnant.  We must learn to accept change and not lash out.  Different is not bad…  It is just different.  If it is not for you, that is fine.  There is no reason to huff and puff and taint people’s opinions.  Allow others to make up their minds.  With that being said….

As an instructor, I needed a change.  I felt as though I was no longer producing my best work on a weekly basis.  I had the opportunity to help out our facility on Thursday evenings a a different location; teaching a different format, challenging myself and making our members happy by fulfilling a need…  (And selfishly, I had to give up my TaeKwonDo classes when my schedule got so busy, so this fulfills my need to punch and kick).  DON’T YOU WORRY!  You are in good hands!  My friend and colleague, Anna Hubbard will be taking the helm for me.  If you have not tried Anna’s classes, PLEASE DO SO!   She is a talented instructor.

Remember, my fit family.  As always, “It’s you vs. you!”  I will see you in the gym!

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