Motivation -Week of 2/6/17

We had a very interesting week.  We started our Fit HIIT February Challenge, a new Tabata class was introduced on Saturday morning.  I like to call it “Turbo Tabata”!  I also began teaching my first PiYo class since I was certified, three years ago.  Saturday was all about change and I saw some interesting perspectives.  Do you allow change to limit yourself?

i-am-motivatedWhat motivates you?   What drives you to MOVE?  Whatever is getting you to jump out of bed every morning to complete that workout, that is your motivation.  It is obviously different for everyone.  So what is it for you?  I refer to this as your “Why”.

This can obviously change as you reach your goals or “life happens.”  Your motivation may stay the same, but how you achieve it can change.  If you are motivated by feeling fresh air slapping across your face; that can be accomplished by running 3-5 miles daily.  After a couple of years, you have grown bone spurs that cause pain during running.   Some people might give up.  Others might hop on a bike and take a ride outside and still receive that wind across their face!

Some may see a challenge and overcome it.  Others may see a change and give up.  Which one are you?

I will see you in the gym.  Remember, It’s You vs. You!


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