Confidence_Schedule for Week of 1/23/17

What?  Do you see that?  Next week we will have two new classes on Saturday.  They will be at the Plano East location.  Hey!  Who wants to do a challenge for February???  February.  Valentine’s Day.  Heart.  Endurance?  Let me know what you think.

How many of think you are the next Beyoncé, Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias or Julianne Hough?  No?  Well, maybe that doesn’t stop you from belting out “Single Ladies” in the shower or doing the Salsa in your bedroom on Latin night on DWTS.  It’s the sheer enjoyment of a pastime that you love.  I remember my sister singing when I was younger.  She has a beautiful voice.  Many people told her as such.  Did she boast of her talent?  Not at all, but I am certain that she was confident in her skill.  If memory serves, she was in competition choir for a few years.  Her confidence was silent…  Until it came time to sing.



I’m sure that you have seen that same confidence throughout your life.  Two years ago, I was surprised about the silent confidence displayed by my then eight year old.  He decided to participate in his first “variety show” at school.  Just him and a crowd of strangers and some friends.  He had to audition, yes a formality because everyone made it.  Mom was so nervous on the big night!


What if he got stage fright?  Didn’t happen because a group of second grade kids were up front yelling for him.  What if he just stood there with no presence?  See above answer, and he designed his outfit and used each item to sell each punchline.  What if nobody laughed?  I would have to say that my little ham exuded so much confidence when he walked on that stage, people wanted to hear what he had to say.  Luckily, parents of elementary school students aren’t mean, nor do roast second graders, so we were good.  His exit was pretty darn funny as well.

His confidence was silent.  As Caleb waited in the staging area, he was calm, cool and collected.


Caleb as Harry Potter

This year, we had a different experience when it came to the variety show.  He went a different direction.  Most people who approached my son expected him to do another comedy act, but that is not what he wanted to do.


Caleb knew that he wanted to sing in the variety show before the school year ended last year.  He had a beautiful song picked out that made mom swoon.  Caleb began reading the Harry Potter series in July of 2016.  About three months ago, he changed his mind about his act.  He decided to change his act to “Harry Potter in 99 Seconds”, a song that tells the story of Harry Potter, well…  In 99 Seconds.  My little boy was stretching himself out of his comfort zone.  CHAlleNGE is not always easy!

Insecurities are loud.  Even though this was his idea and he loves singing, he was WAY outside of his comfort zone.  My husband and I agreed he would inherit an iPod Nano that neither of us were using (a huge step for us, as we limit the use of electronics) for him to practice.  We were followed around the grocery store by a 4′ 8″ person singing “There once was a boy named Harry…”  Occasionally, we would acknowledge that he belonged to us.  I’M KIDDING!  We didn’t ever do that!

As the weeks went by, baby boy started to get more worried about his act and his ability to pull it off.  LOUDLY!  Most people who know my son, know he is a pretty confident boy.  He will tell you that he is awesome (we have been working on being humble).  We had some hard evenings in my room working on this act.  He threw temper tantrums that he didn’t when he was a toddler…  I guess I was due.  His insecurities were very loud.  When all was said and done, he overcame and put on a great performance…  And learned some great lessons.

How are you when it comes to your confidence?  What about your insecurities?  Do you take out your insecurities on others?  Is your confidence silent while you let your skills speak for themselves?  Think about how each of these may affect others around you.

Let’s get together for some confidence building this week in the gym this week!  Always remember, it’s you vs. you!


A Wizard with His Wand




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