Where Is Your Vision? Week of 1/16/17

Whoa!  What a week!  We had some hard-working folks in class, added some new members to our fit tribe and heard some moans (for days).  Something about sore legs?  Way to go, friends.  Way to go!  I am happy to say that I am back to my normal schedule this week!  Hope to see you in one of these classes soon!


I took some time this weekend to update my vision board.  Instead of including longer term goals, I decided to include my goals for this year.  As I was reviewing it the other day, I noticed that I have a lot of “educational” goals this year….  And I am ok with that.  LOL.


I decided to make a “transitional vision board”, yes I just made that up.  As I complete these goals, I look forward to removing items off my board.  I may do a little happy dance!  The first one that will be removed will be the CES Certification, you can count on that.  I haven’t decided if I should replace them with something else, or let the goal come to me.  Other items on my vision board:  Learn how to do a handstand, teach more PiYo Live classes and I’m keeping the other items a secret!

My husband has also placed a framed collage of some people who really inspire me daily above my vision board.  These include my students, my Tabata Trio and my P90X mentor.  Now that’s a way to wake up!

Do you have a vision board?  What are some of the items on your board?

I hope to see you in the studio!  Until then, remember…  It’s You vs. You!

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