Welcome 2017! Week of 1/2/17

“Adios 2016!” 

I’m so glad to say those words!  Whew…  What.  A.  Year!  Never have I been so happy to turn the page on the calendar than I have on this past year.  Not only did we have many public tragedies like Orlando and Dallas.  We even ended within 3 miles of my neighborhood the afternoon of New Year’s Eve.  There were also the personal events in my life that have really impacted my life this year.  Many I have not shared with you all.  I attempted to do so at times, but I did not allow myself to do so.  Personal illnesses that, at times, made me weaker than I would care to admit.  Then, there are the family illnesses that we don’t ever expect.  Lastly, there has been loss.  Loss that has hit me hard and still impacts me.   I still find myself in my car crying, in my room, anywhere…  Instantly.  For those I have lost.

It all hasn’t been bad.  We have had new additions to our family.  Beautiful new babies…  Full of hope and possibilities for the future: great-nieces and my son became a big brother (not by me!).  I have explored new opportunities and met new friends.  I have said goodbye to toxic relationships…  And continue to work on that one.  I continued to grow my brand and my style within my community.  My family is stronger than it has ever been and that is a wonderful thing.

I ended my 2016 with my two favorite guys and a sappy, loving text from my daughter…  Or did I begin my 2017 that way?  Then, I spent time with some friends later in the day.  We laughed and told stories and ate good food as we heard the “big kids” enjoy themselves.  Yes, it has only been one day, but 2017 has started off pretty well.

If any of these issues may have caused me to be less than, I apologize and promise to be better than when we return this week.  It is my privilege to push you each time I see you, and if I am not living up to that, then that is not fair to you.  I ask you each day to give me 120%, and you should expect the same from me, no matter what.  Let’s recommit to that this New Year, shall we?

Remember, it’s you vs. you.  I will see you in the studio.

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