Let Me Weigh In_Schedule for Week of December 26, 2016

I hope everyone is having a very special holiday with their family and friends.  I joked about many of you being on the “naughty” list as you were not in class, but knowing that you were visiting family actually excused you.  I just love razzing you.  We all worked hard during our Christmas Eve Tabata special.  New moves were introduced and I skipped the ab suicides.  They were replaced with marching wall sits.  I believe a few of you were inspired by the Rockettes and made it quite entertaining.  There is never a dull moment in a class that involves, well…  Any of you.  As proof:

15723311_10211038868945179_2521198307357707883_o This is what I was looking at during my class.  I was taunted with my overactive imagination all week as he visited other instructors dressed in various holiday garb.  I was assured he was saving the best (read: worst?) for me.  And where did he set up with his silky, satin shorts?  Dead center in front of me.  I could not, NOT see him.   I will not tell you the moves that were happening during our “rest” period.  I said “keep moving” and…  Santa’s helper kept gyrating.  Thankfully, his personal trainer reminded him that our gym was named “Family” for a reason and censored his outfit.  You don’t want to know what he was planning on adding to his costume.    He does bring a good time.  I’m just glad I didn’t have my other wise guy in class.  I think I would have lost it.

I really did have a great group on Saturday.  They really got me into the spirit.  Abs were in overdrive with the laughter.  SIDENOTE:  MONDAY CLASSES ARE CANCELLED.  😦  ALSO, NEW SCHEDULE FOR NEXT WEEK.  CHECK OUT THE SCHEDULE FOR NOTES.

We are coming upon New Year’s Eve and that tradition of making those New Year’s resolutions.  If you go back to my previous post, you will know how I feel about resolutions.  I even urged my readers to start changing themselves before the New Year.  According to http://www.statisticbrain.com, 45% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions.  According to Nielson, our friends that tell us everything about consumers, losing weight was the second most popular resolution being made; behind STAYING fit and healthy.  I went on social media this morning and saw posts of friends receiving fitness gear and even gym memberships.  Yay!!!  However, I know of one tool that is going to be purchased and I have to tell you all to “DON’T DO IT!”

Step off the scales!  If you are planning on losing the weight, do it without the scale.  So many times, when we are trying to lose 5-10-20 pounds, we become a prisoner to that small square that sits on our bathroom floor.  The sad thing is, if you move it a few inches to the right or left, that number can change.  If you step on that contraption differently, you are a different weight.  Then, guess what?  Your day is ruined!  Your day should not depend upon the number on a little rectangular monitor.  You are worth more than that.

I have two bathroom scales….  That I have not stepped on in more than a year because they are in the bottom of my closet.   The only time I step on a scale is when I go to my doctor’s office or when I need to check my body mass index and I go to the gym and get on a scale (about every six months).  So, how do I know if I am getting out of hand?  Use other measurements!

being-healthyThere are many ways that you can measure your success than the pull of gravity on a tiny box.  The one that I most like to use is based upon Rhianna’s not-so-popular song “These Jeans Don’t Lie”.  Are your favorite pair of jeans feeling a little looser, but that scale isn’t moving?  There might be a reason!  Now, if those pants are a little harder to get over that rear of yours and you have been adding a heavy number of squats to your regimen, and being a disciple to your clean eating plan, you may not want to get discouraged.  You just may have perked up that booty and readjusted your physique!  After I started teaching PiYo Live, I could no longer fit into a pair of shorts I had purchased just a month prior.  Anyone who takes this class knows that there is a mean lower body in this class and the lesson I was practicing and teaching was full of SQUATS!  They were so tight around my bottom, but there was a huge gap around the waist.  What did I do?  I really liked the shorts, so I went and bit the bullet and got a bigger size.  Do you know why?  NUMBERS DO NOT DEFINE ME!!!

What are some other non-scale victories.  Accept these victories for what they are.  SUCCESSES:

  • Rings are fitting looser and start to twist and turn
  • Clothes fit loose
  • More energy
  • Inches lost (take your measurements now!)
  • People start to notice you have weight loss (take the compliments, by the way!)
  • Improved sleep
  • Fewer cravings
  • More endurance (you get less winded walking up stairs or can walk farther)
  • You can lift heavier (grocery bags or weights, either way)

As you sit down and begin to write down your New Year’s resolutions.  I urge you to think about the “Lose Weight” resolution.  Will you add that to your list?  If so, I ask you to please just leave that pesky scale out of the weekly, daily and multi-day weigh ins.  I wish you all the best in your journey.  I’m always here to help you meet your goals.

I hope to see you all in the studio this week as we continue to meet our goals.  Remember, it’s you vs. you!


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