Naughty or Nice? Schedule for the Week of December 19, 2016

One of the bonuses of being a personal trainer and group fitness instructor is I get to hear all of your secrets.  Now I am not to be confused with your lawyer or priest, make no mistake about that.  Trust me.  For example, when you skip class and go out for mimosas, I MAY call you out the following week in class if you are slacking.  This season is the time of year that I tend to hear the same thing…  “I’ve been so naughty this week.”

santa-listAre you being naughty or nice?  It is so important right now to make you a priority.  SCHEDULE your workouts and stick to them.  What is one of the best ways beat that stress?  NOT stressing eating!  WORK.  IT.  OUT!!!  Get those endorphins flowing and sweat it out.  Not to mention the socialization will do you good.  Plus, you won’t have the guilt from skipping your workout.  You know what I’m talking about!

Let’s finish this year off strong.  Stick with your goals.  Remember, it’s you vs. you!

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