Pink Starburst_Schedule for Week of December 12, 2016

Today I walked into a technology store to attempt to arm my ten-year old with some 2005 technology.  Yes, we are those parents.  Even though my husband is in the IT field, our children have never been armed with the latest and greatest technology.  My son will most likely be one of the last in his class to receive a cell phone, and you know what?  I am just fine with that.  Especially after today’s events.

Baby boy is planning on participating in this year’s Variety Show again at school.  He did so in 2015 and did a wonderful job with his Caleb the Comedian act.  This year he is planning on vocal performance..  The piece is more SNL/YouTube parody than it is Top 40 radio style.  After the tenth time hearing him sing it, and me repeating it in my head now…  I needed to find a way for Caleb to plug his ears and memorize the track and lyrics that did not involve momma going crazy(ier).  I was going to try Caleb out with a little Ipod nano.  I have had issues with syncing two devices on my laptop before, so I knew I had to talk to the experts.  BIG MISTAKE.  I won’t go into details, but I will tell you that after only three seconds of being “greeted”, I felt like a yellow starburst.

We live in a world that is run by technology.  Our heads are down so often!  Looking at our phones, gaming systems, eBooks.  Eye contact is not part of customer satisfaction/service.  Hey!  I am not preaching because I have been guilty myself.

“It could be a client.”

“It might be one of the boss ladies.”

“Let me just answer this email real quick.”

We don’t live life facing down.  We live life forward.  That’s where the action happens.  FORWARD!  We move forward, we look forward.  Head up.  Shoulders back.  Stand tall.  Don’t ever let anyone treat you like a freaking yellow starburst!

I’ll see you in the studio.  Always remember, it’s you vs. you!

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