I’m Grateful for Food!

Confession:  I had three servings of dressing…  Covered in gravy.  Ten minutes later, I thought I was going to be sick.  No, this wasn’t the best decision, but this past June I was thinking about this meal.  I was saddened because I just knew that while everyone was feasting on their traditional Thanksgiving feast, I would be stuck with a plate of green beans, corn and maybe a salad.

Eight months this had been going on.  In March, I was getting stomach pains and eventually found myself in the emergency room.  While the symptoms were appendicitis in nature, the location was not.  I could not eat much of anything.  I had the joy of visiting various specialists and “wasting” my meals.  It got to the point where mealtime began to cause anxiety for me and my family.

By May, it started to show on my face and I had a few people ask if I was in fact sick.  I started to wear make-up to work to cover up the yellow color in my face.  The illness was diagnosed by this point and I was on medication; however, my diet was still messed up.  Vegetables.  The only meat I could eat was fish, but I could not eat it every day.  Dairy and supplements were out of the question.  To say that my energy was low, would be an understatement.  I would wake up in the morning after seven hours of sleep and feel that I needed a nap.  I would teach a class and take a three-hour nap.  THEN, my daughter started to have the symptoms that I had exhibited.  This was during her last month of her senior year!  Forget trying to get me back on par, my priority turned to her!  Luckily, she did not have the same illness that I had, but for a month my focus was getting her in to see my doctor and keep her out of the pain that she was feeling….    And make sure walked across that stage!

I would have my dinners and think about the foods that I could no longer eat…  Cheat meals were gone.  Turkey, Ham…  Absolutely not.  I dreaded Thanksgiving.  A holiday that we tend to gather around the table and center around food; and I cannot eat.  When our family would have a meal that I would absolutely love, I would go to my room and eat my bland vegetables and fish so they would not see me pout.  How was I going to handle this holiday???

Then…  It happened….  Less than two months ago, I was out and about and STARVING!!!  I did not plan my day very well.  I had emptied my stash of snacks and did not replenish them.   I cannot remember where I went to eat, but they put grilled chicken in my salad.  I was curious….  Did I mention I was also starving?  I ate about six inches of the chicken and ate the rest of my food.  The next day, I told my husband what I did and that I had no side effects.  Typically, even that small amount would have made me sick within an hour.  That night we boiled a chicken breast and NO ISSUE!

Fast forward to Thanksgiving 2016.  I am thankful that I was able to sit down with my husband and son and eat a big plate (the husband did not give me my traditional salad plate) of REAL FOOD and not feel guilty about it.  Tomorrow, I will be at the gym leading an 8:30AM Post-Turkey Burn class for anyone that wants to join me!  However, today I make no apologies!


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