PASSION_Schedule for the Week of November 14, 2016

It has been just over a year since my FOCUS has been on PASSION.  Although, I sprinkle it throughout entries, I have not really dedicated an entry on the importance of passion.  I ran across a quote this week and it just made me smile.

“Passion is the GENESIS of genius.”   – Galileo Galilei

This quote has also been attributed to Anthony Robbins.  I see this in my children…  Yes, I know!  Another story about my kids!  I cannot keep a book out of my son’s hands.  Whether it is a graphic novel or a 500 page state nominated award-winning book, we have to pry books away from him at night.  Mathematics is not his passion.  He will put off this work until last-minute.  I am told that this is normal; to be passionate in one and not the other (this momma was worried for long about that).  With my daughter, she is very passionate about cosmetics; trying out new looks and even wants to start making her own!  She enjoys learning about psychology and is planning on going into nursing in that field.  Don’t get her started about the psyche of serial killers!  To see her eyes light up when she is discussing her passions makes me one happy mama!  As a parent, you want your children to pursue their passions.  You hope that they follow them and live a life that they can be passionate about and will provide for them.

It all begins with passion.

know-your-passion-follow-it-dream-it-live-itI was speaking with a student today who is in the beginning stages of pursuing their “passion.”  The clarity of being able to know what makes you happy and what makes your heart happy is a beautiful thing.  On the flip side, NOT knowing only brings confusion.  Trying to chase multiple dreams and being invested 25% in each of them is not doing anyone any favors.  KNOW what makes you happy and what is going to bring you great joy.  Map out your game plan.  What are you dreaming about doing at night?  Not figuratively, LITERALLY!    (I have notepads everywhere should I have a dream worthy of an amazing Tabata sequence in the middle of the night.)  Seize it!

Passion fuels you (your food), passion drives you (gas), passion will not stop you.  It will not keep you from giving up (oxygen).  Whether you are trying to pursue a new career or in the middle of a fitness journey, it begins with passion.  Allow that fire within you to be lit and DO NOT ALLOW ANYONE TO BLOW IT OUT!

I will see you in the studio!

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