No Stress November!

Stress…  It is EVERYWHERE!  It is in our jobs, our schools and definitely on our roadways…  Can I get an AMEN?  My poor baby boy was in tears last night as we were going through his homework because he could not remember what needed to be turned in and what was work that needed to be done at school.  That’s when I knew it had been way too long since our last meditation session.  Yes…  My ten-year old meditates.  He has actually been doing it for over a year.

We started when he was having a hard time expressing himself because he was in trouble.  We began with taking deep breaths to allow him to catch his breath and regain his thoughts.  Then, I took him into a dimly-lit rom and sat him on the ground to work on his breathing.  We did this for ten minutes and he felt so much better.  He asked if we could do it again the next day!  Of course I agreed, but let him know that if he ever felt overwhelmed at school or anywhere that he could use these breathing techniques.

With the holidays approaching, I thought about this month’s challenge and decided no planks, no push ups, no squats, no hand stands…  NO STRESS!  We will have a stress free challenge as we approach this time and work towards controlling our blood pressure and our stress.

The time listed is the time I want you to JUST BE.  How so?

  • No electronics; unless you are using it to listen to calming music – BUT THAT IS IT!
  • Focus on your breathing
  • Inhale through your nose, exhale through your mouth
  • Also known as inhale positivity, exhale negativity
  • Fill your lungs as you inhale; empty your lungs as you exhale
  • Clear your thoughts; this is not a time to make your to-do list
  • Count to ten with each inhale and exhale
  • You can sit, you can lay down; do what is comfortable for YOU!

72d87725dd8ff4283af3cf03b7236af0There are apps out there that will help you with meditation….  Showing you how to fill your lungs and when to let go of your breaths, but I urge you to try it without the electronics.  Let it come naturally.  Listen to your body.  Listen to your breaths.  Close your eyes and let you be in control.

Just one deep breath feels so good.  Imagine what ten minutes of controlled breathing can do!

So, what do I want to hear from you on the Team Best You page?  Let’s hear what how you are using your mediation techniques.  Are you mediating in the rain?  Using candles?  With a cup of hot tea?  Caleb and I like to go upstairs (or if it is a nice night, by the pool) and do a mini yoga sequence.  Then, we have a little ritual that we do to make sure we get all of our “sillies” out and can focus on our meditation.  Once we are done we take a deep final breath and end in child’s pose.  There are times when we are both having “bad days” and one of us will look at the other and say, “we need to meditate tonight.”  This is something that Caleb and I do together that we haven’t really invited any other family members to do with us.  It is a special bonding moment for us.  Is that selfish?

There are some “silly” moments on this month’s schedule.  I CHALLENGE you to take advantage of these days!  Seize these moments!

Check in on the Facebook group that you are doing this challenge.  I really feel like this is the best one yet!  We are doing two drawings this month.  TWO WINNERS!  They will both be for anyone doing this challenge.  No check-in winners this month, just everyone winners!  🙂

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