Such a GREAT (not bad) Week_Schedule for Week of October 10, 2016

Whew!  Today was such a fun day in Tabata!  Yes, us trainers use “fun” in a different way than most people.  I hope everyone enjoyed the class and (hopefully) will still love me in the morning!

63356-to-the-word-you-may-be-one-per-bd2tI want to say “thank you” to my wonderful students.  This week was full of “UGH” moments….  All outside of the gym.  The world “got me beat down.”  Ha, ha.  I worked hard to take my own advice and not allow these incidents define my days.

With each of these moments, I had a special reason to smile.  Whether it was a student helping make sure I was ok after my car accident or a class full of students asking if I was ok when I walked into the studio.  It was the sincerity that moved me and almost made me want to cry.  A colleague that helped me breathe on an especially bad day!  It’s the messages that I receive from my students/clients when they reach a goal or milestone, or even if they are having a bad day.  To know that I can be a person that can celebrate in their joys or reverse their mindset…  My pouting can wait.  There are more, but I want to get to my point.

karenI get thanked after each class by my students.  I know that  many things try to stop you from sticking to your scheduled workouts.  I try to say “thank you” to each of my classes at the end of each of session.  Sometimes those two words aren’t enough.  This past week is one of those.  If you were part of this week, I want you to know that you helped this CRAZY week be a tolerable pleasant week.  My family obviously thanks you, but I am in debt to you!  If we were in contact in any way, THIS MEANS YOU!

So, my message to you this week is simple.  Remember that you are someone to somebody.  Be kind to everyone because you never know when that little action can mean the WORLD to that one person.

Keep up the hustle, and I will see you in the gym!

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