Affirmations_Schedule for Week of October 3, 2016

REMINDER!  SCHEDULE CHANGES TAKE EFFECT THIS WEEK:  We have a format change on Monday morning.  P90X is changing to Tabata.  This is still a full body workout, sure to get your heart rate up.  Thursday evening Tabata has moved to 6:00PM.

I hope everyone is taking part in our Take a Bite Out Of Burpees Challenge this month.  It is a wonderful way to work on endurance and strength.  You can find the challenge here.  Invite your friends to join, that way you know you are not doing it alone!

I was lucky enough to attend high school and have a charismatic resource officer looking over our school, affectionately named “Officer Hoop”.  A few years after graduation, I would meet his wife.  Heather Hooper would teach me many important lessons as I began my professional career.  I would like to share one of those with you today.

If you follow me on Instagram, Twitter, etc., you may have seen this week that my days could have really been off…  IF I allowed a little thing to throw it off.  One teeny, tiny thing would allow a perfectly good day to go to pot.  As I said in one post, I just took a breath and laughed at myself.

Your mind is an excellent tool.  It can determine your success and failure, just by what you feed it.  I learned this approximately thirteen years ago during a development meeting being hosted by the Vice-President of our company, who we also affectionately called “Hoop”.  The topic of discussion was AFFIRMATIONS.  She prepared a list of affirmations that she suggested that we read to ourselves.  If I remember correctly, we had to memorize the affirmations.  I am going by memory here, and again, this was approximately thirteen years ago.  The end goal was to show us how a positive mindset changes our daily outlook, performance, etc.

I was so motivated by the affirmations that I typed it out (yes, on purple paper) and laminated two copies.  I taped a copy on my computer monitor and put another on my bedroom mirror.  When I left the company (with a broken heart, but the commute was becoming too much to bear).  I took the affirmations with me to my new place of employment and placed them on my computer monitor again.  I have worked for another company since then, and the affirmations have come with me at that company as well.  I still have the copy on my bedroom mirror.

The purple has faded.  The words have a different meaning as my industry has changed.  The memories of that meeting still bring a smile to my face.  When I read this card, I do so the same way I did when I recited it in front of Heather…  I stand tall, shoulders back and with truth in my voice…  And a SMILE!

If you adopt these as your affirmations, I hope you will do the same.  Look yourself in the mirror and believe what you are saying.  Make this your truth!  Thank you, Hoop!


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