And Then She Asked Me… Schedule for the Week of September 26, 2016

It’s that time again!  Time for the days to get shorter and the excuses to get longer for you to skip the gym…  No, no, no my friends!  We aren’t doing that this season!  We are sticking with consistency!  There will be a few changes to my weekly schedule in October, but nothing too drastic.  Please note:  THESE CHANGES ARE EFFECTIVE BEGINNING OCTOBER 1ST.

MONDAY 9:30AM – The class format will be changed to Tabata.

THURSDAYTIME CHANGE.  This class will be moving from 5:00PM to 6:00PM.  I hope that this allows more people the opportunity to make it to class (and fewer people the need to skip out of work early!)

Again, These changes will be effective OCTOBER 1ST.  I will see everyone at the same Syl-time, same Syl-channel this week!



This week was a very fulfilling week for me emotionally.  I was able to give back to my community through two events.  Today, I led some rain warriors in a fun Tabata/PiYo Live combo at Lorna Jane Stonebriar Mall for their Active Nation Day.  This was a fun event and I enjoyed meeting the women that came out and worked out with me.  The first was during a WERE event, supporting female entrepreneurs, for North Texas Giving Day.  I was there with Trainer In PINK.  I led the fun session called Clarity, Shake and Stretch.

I met some amazing women at this event as well!  Everyone was welcoming and open to trying something out of their comfort zone.  YES!!  I love that!  Afterwards, I was able to speak to these wonderful women.  I shared my journey with one woman.  I explained that it was my husband who gave me the idea and encouraged me to quit my full-time corporate job and pursue fitness full throttle.  (His words were “You need to quit and do ‘this'”)

And then she asked the question…

“Why would you do that?”


I’m really hoping my jaw drop wasn’t this obvious.  My husband saw where my passion was, and still is.  That is where he wants me to live…  Where my passion is.  My husband has always been my biggest supporter.  Even before we were dating…  He believed in me when I didn’t.  He helped me to understand it is ok to live a life in your passion zone.

My bank account may not be overflowing.  I may not have the newest car (but hey, mine is paid off!).  I may not go on vacations every year.  My riches can be seen by the smiles in the classes I teach.  My riches are based upon the years added to people’s lives when they do the work!  When I get messages about people reaching their goals, you can’t put a price tag on that.

If you have an opportunity to live a life of passion…  LIVE IT! 




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