Gym Class Etiquette_Schedule for Week of September 18, 2016

active-nation-day_092516I’m so VERY excited about ACTIVE NATION DAY on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 25TH!  I will be instructing for this wonderful event starting at 10:00AM!  This is located at the Lorna Jane Stonebriar Mall location (2601 Preston Road; Frisco).  There will be snacks and a guest speaker after the workout.  To reserve your spot in this free workout, call the store at 214.705.1270.  I would love to see you there.  I will be bringing a combination workout that will push you and stretch you out.  Bring a mat, towel and water and we will have a blast!

Class was so fun today…  We started off the class with eleven students.  Someone mentioned that the Cowboys were playing.  Well, poop!  Only 1/3 of my class was going to show up because of the Cowboys!  By the time we were done, we had 2/3 of the class there and one student giving out score updates.  I’ll have to remember next time the Cowboys interfere with my class, bring a big screen or rig the class for live updates!

Although, we had our laughs today, there was some noticeable missing faces.  Faces that have been missing for a month, a couple of weeks and just today.  I knew what these people were missing:  injury, car accident, strong workout yesterday…  The Cowboy Game.  Then, there was one face that I hadn’t seen in a week.  The last time I spoke with this person, she had a disturbing encounter in the gym.  Was this keeping her from the gym?  I was a little frustrated and wanted to post some etiquette rules.

gym etiquette.png

Most group fitness instructors, by nature are very social creatures.  We love to teach and make our classes happy.  Sometimes we let some things slide only to find out that it makes others unhappy.  Ooopsie.  So here are some tips to make your trip to exercise class more enjoyable.

Put the phone down – One of the reasons people come to class is to de-stress and release the endorphins.  ALLOW that to happen.  Let an hour to go by and send the calls to voicemail.  Answer the text messages after you have completed your child’s pose.  Turn it off, put it on vibrate or better yet…  LEAVE IT IN THE LOCKER ROOM!

Watch the smells – I’m not just telling you to make sure you wear deodorant or changing out your workout clothes regularly.  There are so many remedies that people use now to alleviate pain, holistic and otherwise.  While they may be helpful to one, they can be harmful to others.   Certain odors can trigger certain reactions in individuals.  The cordial thing is to apply these remedies at home to allow the smell to dissipate by the time you arrive to the gym.

Clean up your mess – Just like the gym floor, your mother doesn’t live in the studio.  Most gyms have a tight schedule of classes.  When you leave and decide to leave weights, bands, risers and steps out; that is time it takes for the instructor or other classmates to pick up after you.  This is time that we can use to prep for our class or better yet GETTING TO KNOW NEW STUDENTS.

Keep opinions to yourself – Do you remember when you were the beginning of your journey?  How stepping into that first group fitness class felt?  Have you been in a weight loss battle that causes aches and pains and feels like nobody can understand?  Walking into that class feels like everyone is judging you and then some random person on the second row of the class says, “Hey, you’re doing that move wrong.”  Also, snickering in the background in a Zumba class because people “just aren’t getting the moves right”.  These are all no-no’s in a class setting.

Keep Instructor informed – The only person that should be correcting form or showing modifications is the instructor.  That is why it is important to keep your instructor informed of any injuries or areas of pain you may be experiencing.  If for some reason you begin feeling pain DURING an exercise or particular movement, feel free to flag down your instructor so that he/she can help correct your form or find an alternative exercise for you.

Be timely – Warming up is essential to any workout.  While I often tell my students I would rather they get thirty minutes of working out, than nothing; I still make them warm up.  However, when you are on time it allows you to 1) warm up properly, 2) provide the instructor with any valuable information  and 3) relax and enjoy the workout properly.

Be Nice! – Smile at one another.  High five each other during a tough set during class.  DON’T INTERRUPT A CLASS JUST TO GET EQUIPMENT.  Interact with the instructor if he/she asks questions.  The group exercise environment is a place to create relationships and accountability partners.  Allow that to happen by being open.

What are some things you think should be on this list?






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  1. Add: be sure your socks and shoes are on when you walk into class.

    Appropriate gym attire. No slacks, ballet flats, button down shirts. If you wear it to work, and you’re not a PT, change into athletic wear. Saw it myself in a class. True story. Even the instructor rolled their eyes.


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