Why Wait Until New Years? Schedule for September 5, 2016

I hope everyone is have a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  We had a pretty full class this Sunday, so I’m glad everyone is still fitting in those fitness days.  No classes on Monday, but we still have a pretty full schedule this week!  I hope to see everyone this week.

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Family riding bicycles in park.  Photo courtesy of http://www.huffingtonpost.com

Change is coming.  Change is inevitable.  Whether it is the seasons (hello cooler temps and changing of the leaves) or something bigger; CHANGE HAPPENS!   Recently I decided to invoke change based upon the inspiration of some of my students, clients and colleagues.  I saw how they were bettering themselves and I was asking myself, “Am I the BEST version of myself that I can be?”

I see students and clients challenging themselves each week.  Whether it is trying to push a littler harder, lift a little heavier or reach a new goal.   I was challenged recently to better myself by a student and by two of my colleagues.  It made me reevaluate EVERYTHING that I was doing…  Professionally and personally.

Healthy Life

There are many aspects that attribute to having a healthy lifestyle.  Being healthy physically, mentally, socially as well as having a healthy community involvement (giving back).  Community involvement is something most people forget about when they think about when it comes to a healthy life.  Luckily, this is something that my father instilled in my siblings when we were quite young.  My sister and I began volunteering when we were old to do so.  This is part of the reason why I run the free Monthly Challenge Groups.

I also encourage you to get involved with like-minded groups to keep you accountable.  POSITIVE PEOPLE!  Remember, we are keeping ourselves healthy!  This will take care of your mental and social health.  I remember when I started with my health journey that I received criticism and someone actually thought I was simply losing weight for a man.  I still remember that comment to this day.  I’m not saying that anyone that doesn’t work out or eat healthy needs to be deleted from your contacts list, but you should build your tribe of like-minded individuals that understand your struggles.  Oh, the stories I could tell you!

Let’s CHANGE!  Let’s be the better versions of ourselves!  There are 17 weeks until the New Year.  Wouldn’t it be great to reveal a NEW YOU???  P.S.  I don’t do New Year’s Resolution’s, so there won’t be a post on how to create resolutions, so if you are waiting for that, here’s your warning 😉

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