If It’s Meant to Be_Schedule for the Week of August 29, 2016

What a week, what a week!  I had such a great time spending with everyone today at the TABATA BIRTHDAY BASH!  If you saw the video on http://www.facebook.com/trainwithsyl, I think you know that the birthday boy had a blast as well!  Thank you everyone for celebrating with us!  I always enjoy spending my time with the crew.  I already check next year and it looks like the bash will take place on Tuesday.  Uh oh!  What will we do???

Birthday Bash
Some fun from Sunday’s Tabata Birthday Bash!



Did you notice something different on the schedule this week?  I’ll give you a hint…  It’s on Wednesday.  That’s right.  Zumba® Gold is back on the schedule.  I stopped teaching this wonderful format last year…  Approximately in December.  I decided to focus on my P90X® Live classes and build that format.  I actually made the decision about a month ago to give up all of my four specialty licenses.  Then, something happened.

unlimited chancesI had been attempting to sub with a facility for the summer, but things never worked out.  There was a process to get hired on and schedules never matched up prior to the other instructor going on vacation.  It was then that I decided it was time for me to 100% give up my license.  Last year I had already stopped teaching regular Zumba® earlier in the year, but now I was going to stop teaching it altogether.  I had already put my membership on hold and stopped receiving material: music, DVD’s, etc.  So, I decided to make myself unavailable to sub Gold classes as well.  Last month I made it official and cancelled my membership with Zumba®.

I bet you are asking…  What is Zumba® Gold?  It is my favorite Zumba® format!  This is a specialty that is geared to the active older adults…  I refer to them as “Sassy Seniors”.  🙂  Boy are they SASSY!  And grateful.  They are grateful to be able to do each step and have someone to be there to teach.


The week after I cancelled, I got another email from the regular instructor asking me to sub for her.  I informed her of what had just occurred.  No reply back.  Another week later, her boss emailed me offering me a permanent class.  I did not respond immediately (as I thought I had).  A little disappointed, I know I was missing the dance.  Zumba® was the first Group Exercise specialty license I received.    I immediately fell in love with my Sassy Seniors.

Out of nowhere I received a Zumba® CD in the mail.  After months of receiving nothing from them, after cancelling my membership…  BAM!  I checked my account and I had not been charged anything.  I contacted Zumba® customer service and guess whose cancellation did not go through?  I reached out to the Senior Center (again.  We had been communicating during this time) and decided it was meant to be.  This same week, my regular gym needed a regular Zumba® sub and I was asked to sub.  It all came back, even though I was nervous.  It felt so great.

Saying goodbye to my seniors someday-iswas a very hard thing to do.  I thought about them often.  There was a reason why I chose to teach to them.  There was a reason why my heart always felt the ache with their void.  Is there something in your life that is that ache in your gut?  Maybe you even say, “Someday when I get the chance I want to do XYZ.”  Guess what.  “Someday” is not a day on the calendar!    Look at all of the planners, journals, wall calendars you would like; you won’t find it.  You have to work for what fires you up.  What you want.  Although people may say “If it was meant to be, it will be.”  That may be true, but it won’t “be” with you sitting on your arse on the couch doing nothing!

Take your chances.  Take them now.  Go out and be great.  Always remember…  #ItsYouVsYou

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