Naps, Carbs and Trash TV_Schedule for the Week of August 15, 2016

Naps….  Naps, carbs and trash TV.  That is mostly what my staycation consisted.  Don’t get me wrong, we had some great family bonding time, but there was a great deal of naps, carbs and trash TV.  I know the hubby fully embraced staycation mode when he actually crawled into our bed to take a nap instead of just taking a 20 minute cat nap on the couch.  This was on day two of staycation.  EVERYBODY was exhausted.  By the way, neither one of us stayed away from work.  Hubby did much better than I.  I think he only checked in once or twice throughout the week.  I was either contacted or I contacted someone daily.  Ooops!

Since the Olympics started while I was on staycation, we will have our tribute classes this week in Tabata.  HOWEVER!  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO WEAR YOUR RED, WHITE AND BLUE ALL WEEK!  Let’s finish the week off showing our USA pride!  As always, each Tabata class will be different…  And FUN!  (Don’t you just love it when your Instructor says “fun”?)  Come out and see how I make this your very own Olympic class and bring Rio to you!  There MIGHT even be a little competition.  Will you win Gold?


*SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT*  If you were not in Tabata this afternoon, you missed my special announcement.  SUNDAY, AUGUST 28TH WILL BE A TABATA BIRTHDAY BASH!  I had planned on spending the day at a colleague’s event, but this staycation has me missing my Sunday (and all) my peeps so much!  It will be a TABATA PAR-TAY!  We will be doing some of our favorite moves AND since my birthday is on that Saturday, purple is the color scheme and I’m using last year’s theme:  IT’S YOU VS. YOU!  HOWEVER, WE HAVE A SPECIAL PERSON’S* BIRTHDAY THE NEXT DAY!  We will make sure that he gets his moment in the limelight as well!  THAT PART IS A SECRET!!!  Also, we will be incorporating some of Michael Jackson’s music since he is a fan, and he shares a birthday with the late singer.  Let me know if you need a guest pass for this class!

*If you attend our Sunday class YOU SHOULD know whom I am speaking of.  If not, please private message me.

do more
Maybe not late night grilled cheese sandwiches!

If I have learned anything during this past week, it is two things:  I have an unhealthy obsession with my husband’s grilled cheese sandwiches and I LOVE MY JOB!!!  Yes, despite the scorching temperatures, I craved and indulged in these sandwiches more than I care to admit (so I will NOT)….  Also, at times that I SHOULD HAVE been asleep.  Today, while we were cooling down, I had to hold back tears.  I was just so happy to be back with everyone.   It’s a shame to even call it a “job” or “work.”  As I mentioned, I was unable to stay disconnected from work.  Checking in with other instructors and finding out how my students were doing.  Or discussing how intense a workout is and how our groups were going to handle it.


This is my life; NO APOLOGIES. 

As I put together my classes for this week, I thought about certain students MORE than usual during my creating of the classes.  I was smiling while writing my classes.  I could not wait to get back into the studios.  Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed spending time with my family and the week of rest!  Let’s make it a great week!

I LOVE MY JOB.  Thank you for being a part of what makes me smile every day! ❤


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