Staycation_Schedule for Week of August 7, 2016

It’s that time!  Staycation have officially started.  Guess what?  I didn’t make it!  I was at my husband’s company event that is held every year for family and I began talking about work!  Face – to – palm.  FAIL!  One of the employees at the venue mentioned that it looked as I worked out and blah, blah, blah we began talking shop.  His wife is a group exercise director for a popular gym chain in the South Dallas area.  After a few minutes, I found myself looking around for hubby as I realized I just broke our number one staycation rule.  Oopsie!

sub picsHubby plans on going on a number of bike rides this week.  If you on participating in our Strong Arm August Challenge, you may have noticed a conversation in our Facebook page…  I plan on sneaking out to some of our Team Best You instructors classes this week.  As far as my classes, I have some fantastic subs lined up for you in my absence.

Anna – P90X at Plano West on Sunday 8/7 at 12:30PM

Alisa – P90X at The Colony on Monday 8/8 at 7:30PM

Heather – Tabata at Plano East on Tuesday 8/9 and Allen on Thursday 8/11 at 5PM

Jeannie – P90X at Parkside at Craig Ranch on Wednesday 8/10 at 5:45AM for residents only.

I will be back on Sunday, August 14th for Tabata…  Maybe with an Olympic theme?  Hmmm…

Today I spent the majority of the day outside.  We played games, rode horses, watched skits, etc.  It HOT!  But you know what?  I didn’t even think about it until my daughter pulled out her phone and showed me what the temperature was (don’t you love technology).  The sun was shining on me and…  Shadows were definitely falling behind me.    As I take this week off to spend with my family, I will keep that in mind…  A daily dose of sunshine, while wearing sunscreen of course.  I hope you remember that as well!




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