SQUAT-A-PALOOZA_Schedule for the Week of August 1, 2016

WOOOO HOOOO!!!!  What an awesome day it was today!  It felt so great to be back with my Sunday peeps today!  We were thirty-one strong today in Tabata.  We missed some of our regulars and had some of our old regulars return.  We also had a couple of newbies.  It was a SMOKING class.  High energy, 110% effort and welcoming hugs.  This group is just like family to me.   I missed this group these past two weeks.

We have come to the end of our No Jiggle July Squat Challenge.  Today is officially the last day of our challenge.  I’m so proud of everyone that has stuck with the challenge and hit the big 2-2-5 today!  Make sure to mark your completions.  Winners of the challenge will be announced LIVE on Facebook on August 1st.

You have two more chances this week to visit a SQUAT-A-PALOOZA class.  After a challenge, we celebrate with a special class highlighting the monthly challenge.  Each class is different.  It is a chance for us to come together as a group and celebrating the joy/pain/agony/fill in the blank the past 31 days brought.

We are starting our new challenge tomorrow…  It is the Strong Arm August Challenge!  August 1st is a REST DAY!  Best way to start a challenge, right?  🙂   Are you ready for it?

Hustle for the Musle.png

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