The Troll_Schedule for the Week of July 25, 2016

Can you believe that we are almost done with our NO JIGGLE JULY SQUAT CHALLENGE???  Sunday is our big finale with 225 SQUATS!!!  If you are still with us, or even if you aren’t….  Join us for our TABATA SQUAT-A-PALOOZA at Texas Family Fitness Plano West location.  This will begin the week of our squat celebratory classes AND your last time to enter the drawings that I am holding for the challenges.  If you are not a member of Texas Family Fitness, please reach out to me and I will be more than happy to get provide you with a guest pass.  Nobody should miss out on this fun!  We will hold the two drawings on August 1st LIVE on Facebook.  The one and only Mr. Caleb Bernal will be drawing the winners and we will announce the winners on Team Best You!

How many of you thought when you started that there was absolutely no way that you would be able to do 225 squats?  What about 100?  I know that those numbers seemed daunting at first.  There are many of you that surpass those daily numbers without a problem!  Nevertheless, our friend “self-doubt” still creeps in whenever the need arises for us to challenge ourselves.  In class, I refer to in as that ugly little troll that sits on your shoulder; feeding you lies of doubt.

nothing good comes from your comfort zoneThis troll likes to come into my classes and tell people that they are unable to push themselves to their limits.  They are unable to reach that “uncomfortable” point, because we don’t like to feel uncomfortable.  However, I remedy that really quick.  I show them a quick solution that helps.  It is called the shoulder swipe.  You get your hand and swipe it quickly across your shoulder.  Can you picture it?  No?  Do you remember those old Head and Shoulders commercials where the individual is wearing black and has to wipe away the embarrassing white flakes before anyone notices?  It is the Exact.Same.Thing.  We are wiping away that troll that is feeding the negativity in our ear that prevents us to get into that uncomfortable place…  That place of change.  Do you have a troll that needs to be wiped away?

It doesn’t have to be in the gym.  What about in life?  Is there an area in your life that you can step out and be uncomfortable?  An area that you know you can make a change; whether it is to serve or educate yourself.  Are you saying yes out loud or shaking your head vigorously?  Then, there is that ugly troll with the hairy mole…  Oh, I didn’t mention the mole earlier, did I?    Why do we give such a creature so much power?  Because it is the easy thing to do!  When has “easy” bred the best results?

This weekend I had the privilege to spend it with mothers, fathers, educators and community leaders from across our great state of Texas.   I attended the Texas PTA Leadership Seminar (Launch) and it was evident that “stepping outside of your comfort zone” was a punchline to many jokes.  The stories of people stepping into roles that challenged them or starting new initiatives at their school or school district’s was a common theme.  It wasn’t, “Yes, I knew exactly what I was doing from day one and it was a piece of cake.”  I left the seminar this weekend feeling empowered and revitalized knowing that I will be able to succeed in whatever roles I take on…  Wherever they might be.

On Fire

I challenge you to ignore that troll and listen instead to that voice that is inside your gut.  That want and desire…  That’s your passion.  As I mentioned last week, “Passion leads to happiness and happiness leads to success.”   If you are always going back to have a conversation with your gut, and it isn’t because of those loaded nachos you had for dinner, it’s time to step outside that comfort zone.   So, go serve at your child’s school, hold some babies at your church nursery, get involved in your community.  Go bigger if that is what your gut is telling you to do.  Start fundraising for your Presidential bid for 2020.  Just don’t let your troll get comfortable!

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