Happiness_Schedule for Week of July 18, 2016

HAPPY SUNDAY, MY GUYS AND GALS!!!  I am coming off a great endorphin high as I type this…  More about that later…  Muahahaha!   As you can see by this week’s schedule, I will be missing my Sunday class again (tear).  I will be  leaving for San Antonio after Friday’s Barbell class.  This isn’t a trip for leisure, otherwise I would definitely be there to spread the P90X love.  I understand Anna already has a smashing class planned for you.

I will be holding down Anna’s Insanity class on Tuesday evening.  I PROMISE we WILL do Insanity and the class will not be hijacked and I will not be talked into doing Tabata.  There will be Insanity.  🙂  You know who I am talking about.

Don’t forget to check in at the gym when you are coming to class to get a drawing entry for the No Jiggle July Squat Challenge!

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you obviously know where I was all day.  If not, I will spill the beans.  I turbokick2 had the opportunity to attend a Turbo Kick Live! certification held by Melissa McAllister.  This is the woman who has certified me in, now three of my ten certifications.  When Melissa holds a workshop, YOU WANT TO ATTEND! 

I wanted to attend this workshop years ago, but the stars didn’t line up.  I put it out of my mind.  Then, P90X Live came out and my mouth dropped!  I had to wipe the drool off the floor.  I forgot all about Turbo Kick.  It was like that silly dog that sees a squirrel.  YOU ALL KNOW HOW MUCH I LOVE P90X!!!  I love what it does to my students, how it makes them feel and the empowerment that fills the room during the class.  You can’t beat that.  So, why Turbo Kick Live?

  1.  I have a dance background.  Although Turbo Kick isn’t a dance format, as an instructor, some musicality is important.
  2. When my oldest child was younger, I took up boxing.  Then, when I was at my heaviest weight, I started up again to help me lose the pounds.  It is a great stress reliever.
  3. My son is a 1st degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do.  Last year I joined his dojo.  I didn’t rank very high.  I believe I only ranked to a yellow or orange belt, but I was at that rank for four months because of my teaching schedule.  I continue to help my son with his forms, sparring and weapons.

When we started the Masterclass, immediately I had a HUGE smile on my face!  I kept thinking, “Why didn’t I do this earlier?  What kept me from doing this?”  It put the above aspects and bottled it into one format.  HAPPINESS!!!  success-can-t-make-you-happy-11871280.jpg

We all search for happiness in so many shapes, sizes and forms.  Some search for it in tangible items or maybe in a “secure spouse.”  Others search for happiness in peaceful space and quality time among family.  No judgement to either.  I would like to say that success and happiness don’t necessarily go hand in hand.  A successful career doesn’t make one happy.  Passion leads to happiness.  Passions oozes out of you and pulls people towards you.  Find what makes you happy and now you have the recipe for success.  You can add the additional spices, but that *POP* that makes you happy is the secret ingredient in your recipe.   If you love what you do, you can’t hide that passion.  You will be unstoppable.

“But Syl, I’m not there yet.” 

How are you going to “get there” if you don’t ever try?  Another reason I love taking certifications from Melissa, she always has a takeaway….  Today’s takeaway, “You have to put yourself in an uncomfortable position and fail at it.”  That’s how you are going to learn.

Melissa collage
Melissa Certification Collage – PiYo, P90X and Turbo Kick



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