Be the Change_Schedule for the Week of July 11, 2016


Whew!  I know it isn’t Thanksgiving, but I am so thankful for REST DAYS!!!!  Regardless what people say, YOU NEED THEM!   This week is a light week for me.  I hope I get to see everyone in the gym, so we can WORK IT OUT and hit our goals.  If you refer back to last week’s post, change comes outside of your comfort zone.  Whether it is challenging yourself in the amount of weight or maybe the amount of push ups that you do, be like Nike and JUST DO IT!  You will see that I will be out on Sunday.  I am adding to my toolbox and receiving a certification, but you will be in good hands with the wonderful Anna leading you in a great workout!

A lot has happened to our community the past couple of days.  I debated just posting my schedule and nothing more.  Then, I thought about my children and the responsibility I have to them.  The solution was so simple.  Mr. Gandhi said it best.

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

I know what you are thinking….  “I’m just one person.  I can’t make a change.”  Unfortunately, the wrong people don’t think so.  They are making the wrong type of change to our world.  We need to be the positive change that we want to see in the world.  live the lifeInstead of talking or worse COMPLAINING about it, you have to DO SOMETHING.

I am using this quote by Henry David Thoreau as it is appropriate for all aspects in our life.  In fitness and in this current situation.  While people are asking for Martial Law, I’m asking that we fight hate with our hearts and human decency.   Think about the world that you dreamed of or that you currently dream of.  Strive for that world.  Do what you can to make that bring that world into existence each day.  Whether it is saying hello at a stranger, opening a door for someone coming into a store or restaurant after you, returning a cart for someone at the grocery store to save them time in the heat or bringing someone some bottled water if they are working in the yard.  These acts of kindness may be little, but they add up.  The only rule…  Refrain from abstaining from committing these acts because the color of a person’s skin.  I think most of us will agree that is what got us to this point to begin with.

Tonight I am praying hard for our country.  I am praying for Dallas PD as there was another threat made (I am writing this on Saturday, so far all clear).  I have friends who have loved ones who work for that police department and friends that have worked for that police department.  I am praying for McKinney PD and the police departments across of the country.  We have friends at our local police department and our hearts go to their families that are in high alert currently.  I am also praying for the families of the victims of the recent shootings; Dallas PD, Minnesota and Baton Rouge.  The media coverage has been constant and having to see it on replay it.   The victims in Minnesota and Baton Rouge have to hear their loved ones being judged in the court of “public opinion” as to whether or not they “deserved” what happened.  That’s not for us to decided.  We are to give them peace and allow them to grieve in peace.  Not make their pain worse.

Let’s think about the world we are leaving to our future generations.  What world do you want it to be?  You have the power to make it that world.

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