What Comfort Zone? Schedule for the Week of July 4, 2016

It’s another busy week up ahead!  I cannot wait to see you in the studio.  If you are participating in our No Jiggle July Squat Challenge, make sure that you check-in on Facebook to be entered into a separate drawing.  Believe me, when you come to one of my classes, we will bang out those squats for the day AND have fun while doing it!

Over a month ago, I challenged myself to recommit to a format that I was certified in over three years ago.  I never taught regular classes in this format, so even though I loved the wacomfort-zoney this format made me feel, I didn’t practice it regularly.  With summer coming, I knew that there would be a need for substitute instructors, so I committed to teaching classes in this format.  This was way out of my comfort zone.  I remembered what I tell my students, “Change comes outside of your comfort zone.”  If I am not able to live up to that, how do I expect my students to do the same?  It wasn’t easy.  Finding the right way to learn the way to teach this format was the hardest part.  Thankfully, I found a great mentor in my friend Alisa Lofton.  She helped me find the right way to capture a pattern for me.

pink photo braceThen it happened…  Injury!  How can I keep my GroupX Director from reading this?  When I needed my body the most, it began to fail me.  My back began to ache and my knees were screaming.  I went to my doctor and he gave me exercises to do, a knee brace and told me to take a week off.  Oops.  That did not happen.  There was no way that I was going to take a week off.  I made a commitment to my colleagues and myself.  I was frustrated, sure, that I was struggling learning a format that had been so easy three years ago.  I could have used this “order” and taken the easy way out and found subs as an excuse to get out of teaching, but what good would that have done…  Besides rest my knees?  Summer is such a stressful time, as it is, finding people to cover classes and I had already committed to these instructors.  Also, what would I have learned if I just gave up now?  I made a commitment to myself.  Both were equally important.

I called up Alisa and we discussed this little imposition.  She was so patient as we discussed our game plan.  She even offered to come to my first class to offer her support, she offered not to come if it would make me uncomfortable.  Of course, I wanted her to come!  Her spirit is infectious!  We worked through the best class possible for my limitations that would still deliver the best possible class for the students.  Why?  We both believe that no matter what, it is always about our students.  That is what Alisa is one of my favorite people of all times.

I was so nervous before my first class.  I kept watching the clock.  No Alisa.  Then, she appeared!  I had also asked some of my regulars to come, so I could have some friendly faces.  Only one showed…  Having her there was like having ten friends in class!  Alisa and I bantered during class, like I do with my students in my regular classes.  Having her present was a huge sigh of relief.  She had to leave 3/4 of the way through class because she had her own class to teach.  Having her as a part of my journey has truly been a gift.

After my first week of getting back into teaching this format, and the positive feedback I have received from students, I truly have been so grateful to sticking to the challenge I made to myself.  I urge you all to go out and do something that you is outside of your comfort zone.  Have you been sitting on the fence for way too long regarding something?  It doesn’t even have to be fitness related!  Shocked?  After I told Alisa how great I felt, she said something to me that resonated.  I want to share it with you.  She said, “No such thing as comfort zones.”

Get out of your comfort zones and change your life!

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