Positivity_Schedule for the Week of June 20, 2016

What is that you see?  Yes!  PiYo Live is on the schedule this week!  Who is joining me on Wednesday as I sub Pilates with PiYo.  I certified in this refreshing format three years ago and have been unable to teach it as often as I would like.  I made a commitment to myself and some fellow instructors that I would recommit to this format and how else to do this?  We all know I do not letting my students down with sub par classes, so I have been studying my tail off to bring you the best experience EVER!  Did I just push back the curtain a little too much?  Ha, ha.

How do you handle challenges in your life?  Do you face them head on or head down?  Would you consider yourself a positive person?  We have lived our lives with the litmus test being the “glass half full or half empty” to decide if we are a positive or negative being.  I, being a sarcastic individual, answer the question by asking if the glass had just been poured (therefore it was being FILLED) or if there are lipstick marks or water streaks on the glass (therefore it was being EMPTIED).  This usually frustrates the person asking the question, and I say they aren’t being very positive.  So, now I have a new answer…  There is air and water in the glass, so it is always full.  I cannot wait to see the reaction I get on this response.  I digress.

Power-of-PositivityRWEYes, days are going to suck and get you down, but be done with those days.  When you wake up, be HAPPY that you have awaken and been blessed with another day.  You are not guaranteed a new day, so greet it with thanks.  There are lessons to be learned from struggles and dark days, but we must keep ourselves from living in these times.  They take a toll on us.  Your spirit, your confidence, your nutrition, even your appearance.

What are some words that kill positivity?  There are the common words such as: can’t, never, not…  Keeping a positive outlook is crucial and can be negated by one simple word…  BUT.

Have you ever received an apology that was followed with “but”?  Maybe it went something like this:

“I’m sorry for what I did, but I had a few too many drinks last night.”

 What is this apology really saying?  “I am not taking responsibility for my actions, I’m blaming it on alcohol.”  The same goes with positivity.  While trying to maintain a positive attitude, but still focusing on the negative, that is living a life of hypocrisy.  What is an example of this?

“I’m so happy about my new promotion at work, but sure wish that it came with a promotion.”

“So proud of myself!  I’ve lost 80 lbs!  But I still don’t think I will ever be back to my high school weight.”

When you are aiming to live a positive life, your but can negate it all.positive doors

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