Fear_Schedule for the Week of June 13, 2016

<Insert sing songy music here> Things are about to get really busy!  I’m posting this schedule EARLY!  Sunday I will be auditing a P90X Live Instructor Training Class with Master Trainer Mia Kostic.  She has been a wonderful P90X Mentor to me.  No, I will not earn any credits towards my certifications, but it will help me become a better instructor to my loves.  Any opportunity I can to better myself, I will take.  Plus, I get to spend four hours in the car with my numero uno guy (the four hours there, I will be sleeping, so it doesn’t really count).  The things this guy does for me…  Yes, I am one lucky lady!  It has been over a year since I was trained in this format, with the majestic Melissa McAllister.  It seems longer…  And I mean that in the best way possible.  I have been looking forward to this for quite a while.  Giddy would be an understatement.  Wow…  I was just trying to explain the reason why this was being posted early.

As MOST of you reading this know, I am from McKinney, Texas.  ALL of you should know that we had graduations last week.  You may or may not have seen the viral video of the speech given by the valedictorian from my daughter’s high school.  There has been backlash regarding Ms. Martinez’s decision to make this speech and her decision to live in fear of living in truth for the past six or seven years.  Some have called her brave, others have called her a criminal.  I am not going to use this forum to go into a political rant.  I will say that she chose COURAGE over FEAR and spoke her truth.

On Sunday, June 18th, another person will do the same thing.  While we fight about building walls and argue who has the right to be here; my father will be leaving this country.  Although he was born in this country (as were his parents… We also have Mescalero Apache blood), I don’t think that he has ever gone to Mexico.  In a week, he will be going there on a mission trip with his church.  When he told me this, I will be quite honest, I begged him not to go.  I was being selfish.  I wanted him to stay so I knew he would be safe.  My father is not going to the resorts and spreading the Word of God to the men and women in hammocks and drinking cocktails in the pool.

My daughter also expressed her concern for a minute or two.  In the end, we know how stubborn the man is that we are dealing is.  This is the same man who told me don’t let fear stop me from doing anything.  He is going.  He will be protected.

fear control

What does your FEAR look like?   Is it a particular challenge:  5K, half-marathon, triathlon?  Maybe you have a passion in your life but you are holding yourself back, STOP!  Sign up for a new course, ignite your passion or hobby into a lucrative side business.

Does your FEAR have a voice?  Is it your own voice or that of your best friend?  Or a person that is acting as a “support person”?  It is time to shut that FEAR up!  Do not all FEAR control your life no matter what shape or size that FEAR takes.

I will see you all this week!  No fear…  Why?  It’s You vs. You!

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