June Awesome Abs Challenge!

You asked for it, and here it is!  An ABSolutely awesome ABtastic ABS challenge.  There were squats requested and abs requested for June.  I found one challenge that I thought, “Oh, yeah!  That will get the abs nice and tight!”  However, I knew that with my schedule it would be a while before I could post a proper form video and I didn’t want my loves getting hurt.  You can find June’s video posted here.  Please make sure you check out the video before you complete another day’s challenge.  Safety, safety, safety!

What plank should you do?  That depends upon your goal.  This month we are targeting abs.  When you perform a high plank, you are not only engaging your abs, but you are also using your biceps and triceps…  Some would say that you are using more of those muscles than the strength of your core.  Gravity, force…  Need I say more?  You are also putting quite a deal of pressure on your shoulders.  So, if you have ever had any shoulder or rotator cuff injuries, a high plank can definitely exacerbate those issues.  A low plank is often called a “modified” plank.  Give me a few minutes as I laugh.  There is nothing “easier” about a low plank, if done correctly.

For all of the exercises done this month, please think STRAIGHT LINE.

  • HIGH PLANK:  Straight line from shoulder, elbow and wrist.
  • LOW PLANK:  Straight line from shoulder, elbow.  Hands come together in front to form a triangle (either in fist or lay flat).
  • SIDE PLANK:  Straight line from shoulder, elbow and wrist.  Make sure body does not go forward or back; as it will put too much straight on the wrist.
  • MODIFIED SIDE PLANK:  Straight line from shoulder, elbow.  Hand lays flat in front of body.
  • MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS:  Straight line from shoulder, elbow and wrist

What do we say in class?  Modify before you quit!  If you are unable to hold your planks for the entire length of the allotted time, take it to the knees to finish your set.  If you can get back up before the time is up…  DO IT!  Challenge yourself!

Let’s make it a great month!

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