Champions_Schedule for the Week of June 6, 2016

BF weekly scheduleMy deepest apologies for the last-minute schedule change last week, but with graduation festivities…  Family obligations just took over.  I knew you all were in good hands.   We have a couple of more Challenge classes this week.  I know you are all looking forward to that!  Have you joined June’s challenge?  It’s all about abs!  A video will be posted soon on proper form and technique.

As most of you have heard by now, “The Greatest” passed away this weekend.  He was not a perfect man, but he was a strong athlete that overcame a great deal in his life.  I was familiar with the heart of one of his daughter’s as well, who is a social worker.  I think anyone that has done any research on this man will say that this man was no stranger to passion.  To be a champion, you must have passion.

I came across a quote from Muhammad Ali regarding his training.  Muhammad Ali began training when he was twelve years old.  Someone stole his bike and he reported it to police officer  Joe Martin, also adding that he was going to, in today’s terms, give the thief a “beat down” if he was caught.  Officer Martin, who was also a boxing coach, suggested that he learn to fight first.  They teamed up, and the rest they say is history.

Training as a professional athlete, and training for a better quality of life are obviously two different extremes.  To be a champion like Mr. Ali, he had to train to become a champion.  While he was in school, he woke up early and would go running prior to school.  After school, he would train until 8pm, when Officer Martin’s gym closed.  Then, he would go to another gym.  He trained six days a week.    Six weeks after he began training with Officer Martin, he won his first match in a split decision.

What is does it mean to be a “CHAMPION” in your own life?   Does it mean training X number of days?  Does it mean meal preparation?  Setting a new running pace?  It could even just be walking without pain.  The definition of CHAMPION will differ for everyone and guess what?  That is ok.  I say it often and I will continue to say it.  It’s You vs. You!”  That also means when determining what kind of champion you are going to be.  However, to be that champion, you have to put in the work.  Anyone can be ordinary, it takes someone special to want to be extraordinary.  I know that the people who have access to this site are pretty special.

So, again…  I ask you.  What kind of CHAMPION will you commit to being?

Hebrews 12_11

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