You Choose_Schedule for Week of May 30, 2016

We had a packed class this afternoon for P90X.  I appreciate everyone that came out and gave their all on this gloomy Sunday.  I hope you all had as much fun as I did!

No classes on Monday!  I hope that you all take a moment this weekend and Monday to remember those fallen heroes and their families that have given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.   A shout out to a some of our Monday Texas Family Fitness students: Wayne Bullard, Tiny Irizarry, Omar Irizarry,  Becky Blakemore and Donyell  Blakemore.  They are participating NOW in a 20 hour event called Carry the Load.  Their mission is to restore the true meaning of Memorial Day by connecting Americans to the real sacrifice of our military.  To find out more or donate visit the team page here.

This upcoming week is a big week for our May May-Hem Challengers.  We are in the final stretch.  Don’t quit now!  Tuesday is the big day to reach 100 push ups!  We are going to celebrate by some very special classes.  Our Allen and Plano West classes will complete their May-Hem classes this week.  No worries, different workouts!  I was asked if it was a class full of push ups.  It is definitely not a class full of push ups!

BORING Rubber Stamp

If you haven’t heard the latest scoop about my newest opportunity, feel free to jump over here to find out more.   I’m very excited to broaden my reach and bring wellness to others that can benefit from this specialized training.  Great things are happening, friends!

brains in your headYOU can steer YOURSELF in any direction YOU choose!    – Dr. Seuss.

This quote is from a book, Oh The Places You’ll Go, that I read to my children each year the night prior to the first day of school.  My daughter is graduating from high school on Friday.  Which means, she has been read this story for the past twelve years.  It’s not your typical “fairytale” bedtime story.  Dr. Seuss discusses life as a “Great Balancing Act” in this book that was first published a year prior to his death at the age of eight-seven.    As such, this “Great Balancing Act”, as we know as life, is full of ups and downs and is presented in this books.  We are faced with challenges and Dr. Seuss encourages us to find the determination within ourselves to face those challenges and come out successful.

oh-theplacesyoullgo-9-638Will it be smooth sailing the entire time?  No.  Will it be a straight line to success?  Absolutely not.  Will there be hills to climb and tires to fix?  Yes.  The way you handle your road to success depends upon your ATTITUDE!  The first time you hit a bump in the road and cry, “Whoa is me, the world is out to get me.”  That will set your attitude for the next ten miles.  You will miss the flowers and the sunshine.  You will miss the friends that were reaching out to you with snacks, water and some aid for your cut.  A positive attitude does wonders when you are out to “move mountains” or even just climb a little hill.

We are all on our own journey.  Keep that in mind when you are speaking to someone.  Speak with love and kindness.  Remember, words spoken or typed cannot be taken back.  The words and vibes that you give off, is that the way that you want to be remembered?  If you are letting the negativity win, pause and take a moment for peace.  Pray, meditate or just be.  YOU determine YOUR success.  It isn’t karma or the lack of a specific activity or person in your life.   “YOU can steer YOURSELF in any direction YOU choose!”  Take control of your actions and determine where you are steering yourself!

I’ll see you all in the studio! ❤

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