New Beginnings_Schedule for the Week of May 23rd, 2016

Hey, you May MayHem Challengers!  We are coming to the end of our challenge.  I love hearing from you all about how this Challenge has made you all feel stronger.  I hope that you all have learned to strike the word “can’t” from your dictionary after this!

This week’s schedule is dedicated to my first-born child.  My baby girl is turning the big 1-8 on Thursday.  The amazing Anna Hubbard will be subbing my Tabata class with Insanity on Thursday as we usher my daughter into adulthood on this day.

C25_8387 2 - Copy
“And though she be but little, she is fierce.” – Shakespeare


My baby girl is very excited about legally becoming an adult.  She is excited about this NEW BEGINNING in her life.  A new start!  She has a couple of new starts headed her way in the next couple of days:  Her 18th birthday, graduating high school, starting college.  A new start doesn’t have to be something this momentous, it can be something that is NEW for YOU!  A new opportunity, a new chapter in your life:  a new habit, a new challenge, a new job.  Whatever that may mean to you; make the most of it!

C25_8025 4 - Copy

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