On Monday I Will… Schedule For the Week of May 9, 2016

Woo hoo!  How fun, I will be subbing Barbell on Monday for the amazing Alisa.  I’m so excited.  Then, I will be visiting Fitness Connecting on Wednesday.

“I’ll start on Monday.”

“I don’t want something new in the middle of a week.”

mondayHow many times have you said that?  Whether it be with your exercise program or clean eating program, there is something that makes people think:  New week, new habits!  Here’s the secret though; there is nothing special about Monday!  It is just another day.  I’ve noticed during teaching (various locations, format, times and organizations) the earlier in the week, my classes are much fuller.  By Thursday, attendance drops by at least half.   Stop looking at the calendar and JUST DO IT!  Keep from allowing the days of the week to determine when you get fit.  Create your habit now.

When you restrict yourself from create a habit because of a day of the week, two things can habit.  First, and most obvious, you are delaying your journey.  Time is being wasted, and we all know that time is precious.  Secondly, delay leads to self-sabotage.  “What, Syl?  I’m not doing anything?”  By, skipping your goal to start on Monday, you have probably told yourself that you have “failed” even before you started to reach your goals.  Allowing that negativity to enter your brain leads to physical and emotional effects that will counteract your journey: mindless snacking or poor food choices, lack of movement, depression, etc.

So, you don’t start on a Monday?  FINE!  Start on Tuesday.  Just start!  You don’t need a Monday to start, you just need the right mindset.  Do you need help with that?  You know how to reach me!

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