Leave Your Mark_Schedule for Week of April 25, 2016

Just one extra class this week!  Get a little sculpt in before Tabata on Tuesday.

We had our 80’s Night last week and played Prince while we performed our Ab Finisher.  Two days later, the great artist passed away.  Since then, there have been endless tributes to him.  On television, radio stations, on the Internet.  I’m sure People Magazine will have a spread next week.  There have also been many fitness classes that have created special tribute classes for a man who has contributed so much to music.  Now, I won’t get into the pros and cons that have been argued about people’s opinion of this.  I played one of his songs as a cooldown today during our Tabata class as a nod to his impact to music.  Let me just say, I am so happy I don’t have a Zumba class on my schedule currently…  The pressure of putting together a heartfelt routine right now…  Woo!

With all of the tributes I have seen and heard, one thing is clear.  Prince made his mark.  Not only in the history of music, but in people’s lives.  To hear the way people who spoke of him, that knew him personally, he made his impact upon all that he met.  He left his mark.  Was that his intention?  I believe that he lived of the philosophy to be an inherently good person.  Based upon his beliefs, do good and be good*.  You are responsible for the way you treat others.  Point.  Blank.  Period.

There is no reason for “She did this, so that’s why I treat her this way.”  You make the decision to forgive and leave your mark on that person.  Is it going to be a good mark or a bad mark?  Is it going to be a mark of inspiration or negativity?  A mark of persistence or a mark of idleness?

I am not speaking of idolatry.  I am speaking of living your days, being a good person.  Live your day with the goal of leaving a positive mark.

*This is in now way a piece to place Prince on a pedestal.  Any mistakes made by Prince in his lifetime should not be criticized.  We are all human, right?

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