80’s Night Tabata!

What started off as a simple request, took on a life of its own….  Real quick.  One of my students, who had not spoken much up until then, had asked if I could add some 80’s music to my playlist.  “Ooo!  An 80’s playlist!”  We weren’t just going to have a regular class, we were going to celebrate.  We were celebrating a year of the Texas Family Fitness Plano East 6:30 Tabata with Syl class.  Some of these people have been with me from the beginning and this class is for them!

Some students  releasing their frustration after helicopter burpees!

Anytime I do a celebratory class, I ask students to tell me what some of their favorite moves over the past year have been.  One person asked for box jumps…  What is an 80’s class without using the step???  So we had some fun with the step.  We also introduced a new, by request, called helicopter burpees.  This move caused a little bit of a riot and accusation that I added this move to the rotation.  I reminded my students that my anniversary classes are about THEIR favorite moves, not mine (besides if I was going to have them do burpees, it would be rolling burpees).  I love ROLLING BURPEES!!!


Checking the tape, but winners of the riser stacking game!

No party isn’t complete without a game!  We ended our class with this fun AB FINISHER!  Rows   of class members were evenly split up behind stacks of risers, lying on their mats, head to toe.  The first person takes the top riser and extends the riser over his/head while laying back and passing to the person behind them.  The front person continues doing this until he/she reaches the bottom of the stack of risers.  EVERYONE, even if they don’t have a riser is crunching or doing a sit-up the entire time.  The risers go all the way down the line.  Once the last riser is stacked up at the top, at the back of the row, the last person starts bringing the risers back to the front.  There is no rotational twisting, turning around and crunching the other direction or just sitting upright and passing the riser.  ABS MUST BE ENGAGED!  Communication is also helpful.  Our winning group last night had a huddle before we started.  Did that help with their win last night?  Hmmm….

The riser game from a previous class.

I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!

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    1. Do it!!! They worked a little bit harder. I don’t know if it was the music, or because I was dress like a fool, but the tone was set for “total awesomeness” as so as they walked in! We even had people dancing during our 10 second and minute rest periods.


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