No Excuses! Schedule for Week of April 11, 2016

Do you find yourself making excuses to skip your workouts?  Worse, does your “support system” provide you with these reasons why you should be anywhere but in your thirty minute sweat session?  I recall when I started my fitness journey, I had a family member make the assumption that I was doing so for my husband.  This relative coldly said, “If my man doesn’t accept me for the way I am then he can….”  I’ll let you use your imagination with regards to how the rest of that sentence went.  I explained that I was getting fit for MY health and because I wanted it for ME.

I hope that any and every one of you that is on your journey is doing this for themselves.  If you are doing this for someone else, it is the wrong reason.  Ok, back to my original point.

I have mentioned this before.  Have you determined your “Why?”  Why are you getting fit?  Why are you becoming a healthier version of you?  Your “Why” must be what you fall back on when you are struggling with your excuses.  This why must be stronger than your excuses.  If you haven’t worked out in three days and you are “too tired” to work out again, your “Why” must fuel you to pick yourself up off the couch and get you back in gear.  When your peers or family is telling you that you are obsessed because they don’t understand you are just attempting to become healthy, your “Why” is the reason you give them to explain your actions.  Remember, you don’t ever need to justify wanting to be a healthier you.

Once you become strong in your “Why” and can stop yourself from using excuses that is when the magic happens.  You begin to see your results!  The endurance builds, weight falls off, BMI drops and body fat % improves.  Your goals are reached.  When you start improving yourself, there are people who are going to sabotage your goals.  Please don’t be one of them!

It’s You vs. You!!!

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