Believe In Yourself -Schedule April 4, 2016

BF weekly scheduleWhat keeps people from stepping into the gym?  What keeps them from lacing up those running shoes?   What stops them from opening the door to a group exercise class?  The dreaded words, “I CAN’T”.  Whether it is “I can’t run” or “I can’t do what they are doing in this class” or “I can’t use any of the equipment in the machines.”  Rid your mind of the phrase “I can’t.”  If that is just too impossible to do, replace it with:  “I can’t YET!

“I can’t run a quarter-mile non-stop YET!

“I don’t know which I the best equipment to meet my goals at the gym, YET!

“I haven’t found the right class at the gym for me, YET!

Changing your mindset, by adding that little word will go so far.  Believing that you are capable of more than what you have done to this point, is not cocky nor setting yourself up for failure.  It is how goals are set and achieved!  Sometimes, we don’t even know what we are made of until we have a “I just did what?” moment.

Last week, I taught a class with a movement where students started out in a squat, walked out and did a push up.  Of course, I gave them the option to drop to their knees when it came time to the push up if the needed.  I just finished my push up and was bear crawling back to squat when I had to drop to my knees.  I probably had the goofiest smile on my face, and I did not care!

Typically, thirty percent of this class would be on their toes performing the push ups.  We had 100% on the toe push ups!  I was and still am so proud of them!  I acknowledged what they achieved.  This was the first half of class.  The last part of class, we had anot12901396_10208604436565891_7454523842209465814_oher set of push ups and I asked the class to challenge themselves once again.  Even though they were more fatigued at this point, we still had 100% full body weight push ups.  It was an instructor’s dream to see an entire class reach and push and CHALLENGE themselves in such a tangible way.   So, Thursday crew!  You know you can do it!  Let’s keep it up!!! 

Holly_I Will Not Lose_032816We all want to get fit and healthy for a myriad of reasons.  For that new mom, it’s to lose the baby weight or maybe regain her sanity?  For the college student or young twenty-something, to release stress.  For the individual that is trying to up their current health regime…  Change your mindset and it can be done.   Just ask my student, Holly B.

Holly has been with me for over a year; however, her REAL transformation started the last part of 2015 when she changed her mindset.  I had to take a picture with her last week when she wore this shirt.  It says, “I WILL NOT LOSE”  This is definitely Holly’s new attitude.  Not only is she winning on the scale, but she is having off scale victories as well.  She is getting faster, gaining muscle, lifting heavier AND lifting her head higher than I have ever seen!  She has become an inspiration to her coworkers and friends.  I am so proud of her and cannot wait to see the rest of her transformation…  She’s not done yet!!!

If you have any questions on how I can help you overcome your “CAN’T” statements, do not hesitate to reach out to me.  I would love to help you become the best version of you that you aim to be!  Make it a great week!


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