(VIDEO) May Challenge! What Are “Girlie” PushUps?

This isn't just an exercise for your upper body or just your lower body. This is a full body exercise. It works your biceps, triceps, shoulders, delts, abs, lats, glutes, etc., if done properly.


80’s Night Tabata!

What started off as a simple request, took on a life of its own.... Real quick. One of my students, who had not spoken much up until then, had asked if I could add some 80's music to my playlist.

What keeps people from stepping into the gym? What keeps them from lacing up those running shoes? What stops them from opening the door to a group exercise class? The dreaded words, "I CAN'T". Whether it is "I can't run" or "I can't do what they are doing in this class" or "I can't use any of the equipment in the machines." Rid your mind of the phrase "I can't." If that is just too impossible to do, replace it with: "I can't YET!"

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