Schedule for Week of March 14, 2016

Today towards the end of class, I told my students to remember their “why” and have them to use that to help them push them through the last few reps of core.  “What brought you to class today?  What is the reason you came today?”  I have some wise guys/gals in my class and I heard “chocolate cake.”  Laughter erupted.  Le sigh.

Then, one wise woman said, “bikini’s scare me.”  Yes!  Can you believe that we are already halfway through March?  Are those bikini’s scaring you?  What about you ladies?  Ha, ha, ha.  There is still time to work on those Summer bodies.  Don’t give up now!

Despite this week’s schedule, I am not giving up.  It’s a little light this week, but I expect everyone to stay on course and stay on track.  Tuesday I will be bringing the joy of Tabata to the youngsters of my son’s elementary school at his Family Fitness Night.  I had the joy of doing this event last year and we had a blast.  Don’t be an instructor snob, the amazing Heather will be subbing for me.  You won’t want to miss her class!

Thursday is our St. Patty’s Day Tabata Class in Allen!  Woo hoo!  The class starts at 5PM, but come when you can!  Wear your green and bring your Irish attitude for a real good time!

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