It may be Spring Break for some, but let’s not use it as an excuse to stay away from the gym.  One student can attest to the challenge that taking a vacation take on her when that v7acation does not include exercise.  It’s been almost a month and Student X has almost gained her endurance back.  Don’t let that be you!

INTRODUCING P90X LIVE with Syl in The Colony!  This Monday, March 7th starts my newest class with Texas Family Fitness.  AND I AM SO FREAKING EXCITED!!!  Prior to this class, I will be subbing for the amazing Patricia Johnson at the Plano West club.  I will need everyone’s energy on Monday…  Eh, who am I kidding?  I love this format!  You better BRING IT, because  it is MARCH MASH UP MADNESS and we are going to have some fun with the Rounds.  Are you read for it?  So, whether it’s in Plano or The Colony, I hope to see you on Monday!

We are ending the week bright and early on Friday morning at 5:30 as I sub for Christina Woodley for Insanity.  Is there any better way to wake you up?   I think not!  Have you every tried Insanity?  If you can Tabata, you can get Insane!

St. Patrick’s Day is coming up and we are having a Tabata party in Allen on that day.  Make plans to attend!  Thursday, March 17th at 5PM.  Mark your calendars!

I will be posting videos soon to my website.  What would you like to see?  What moves do we do in class that you would like broken down in more detail?

As always, if you have any friends or family that want to come check out our facilities, please contact me to find out how they can do so.

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