Schedule for the Week of February 22, 2016

Today was such an amazing Tabata class!  Woot, woot!  Afterwards, I had a number of students that were coming in for Zumba asking me about Tabata…

“Is it like Sculpt?”

“I CAN’T” do ‘xyz’ so can I take your class?”

“I only take Zumba classes, so will your class kill me?”

First of all, if you can Zumba, you can Tabata!  Why do I say that?  As a Zumba instructor as well, and knowing the instructor that teaches after I do, Tabata incorporates 10 second and one minute breaks.  The most amazing Zumba instructors out there will not let you rest that long.  So, as I tell people, if you can Zumba; you can Tabata!  Learn more about Tabata, by viewing this post.

Now…  let’s talk about “CAN’T“.  If you have ever been to my class, you know that this word cannot be used without another word accompanying it.  If I hear someone say, “I can’t do this” as they struggle with a push up or any other move.  We correct their mindset:  I can’t do this YET.  Once you change your mindset, you can see yourself performing this activity instead of just closing your mind off to the negative of not ever being able to perform a push up, an explosive burpee, etc.  When we change this little statement in class, I can see an attitude shift immediately in my students.

You CAN! 




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